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Georges River Tidal Inundation Study

It is important for us to understand the social, financial and environmental impacts of sea level rise.

In early 2018, we selected Ethos Urban and BMT to review the LEP and DCP controls relating to foreshore development. The aim of the review was to determine how effective the current planning controls are in identifying, enhancing and protecting the landscape and scenic qualities of the Georges River Foreshore.

One of BMT's studies is the Georges River Tidal Inundation Study.

Section 10.7(5) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 writes:

A Council may, in a planning certificate, include advice on such other relevant matters affecting the land of which it may be aware.

We are aware of the effects of sea level rise on development in our local government area and have included the following wording in Part 5 of Planning Certificates if the property is affected by sea level rise by 2100, as indicated on the 2100 Sea Level Rise mapping:

The property is affected by future tidal inundation incorporating sea level rise. Please refer to Georges River Tidal Inundation Study dated November 2018 prepared on behalf of Council by BMT. Before determining a development application for development on land to which this clause applies, Council will need to consider:

a) sea level rise and tidal inundation as a result of climate change
b) maintenance of personal safety, including any increase in people ordinarily present on the site
c) ability to locate development on parts of the site not exposed to coastal hazards


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