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Public Art

Public Art Advisory Panel

Georges River Council has established a Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP). The PAAP will advise, guide and assist Council in best practice for permanent public art projects over $50,000. Council currently manages and delivers a range of permanent and non-permanent public art projects defined by the Public Art Policy and guided by the Create Georges River Cultural Strategy.

With 12 voting members, the PAAP includes six external representatives with demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

•    Professional art expertise;
•    Knowledge of contemporary public art applications and issues; 
•    Experience in art, art curatorship, arts policy, place-based landscape, and architecture and/ or design/disciplines; 
•    Knowledge of Georges River LGA culture and heritage; and/or
•    First Nations and diverse cultural knowledge and expertise.

The PAAP also includes six Council officers selected based on their expertise in the areas of strategic placemaking, city strategy, technical services, operational services, cultural services and public art.

Public Art opportunities​

There are currently no public art opportunities, please check back again soon for future opportunities. 

Public Art Guidelines for Developers

The Public Art Guidelines for Developers are intended to assist the Developer through the process of commissioning an artist, meeting industry best practice and getting the best value from the Developer’s contribution.

These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Georges River Council Public Art Policy, which outlines Georges River Council’s vision for creating a built environment that has vibrancy, originality, creativity and sense of local character.

If you have any questions about the Public Art Guidelines for Developers, please contact Hurstville Museum & Gallery on

Public art installations

Click on the image to learn more about the artwork

Bat cave painted in orange with indigenous motives in white, blue, red and yellow by Danielle Mate      Keith Stanley Table tennis table      Mural of native flora and fauna by MAN.De      Mural of Hurstville Library columns by Abbey Rich

Mural at Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery by Dylan Goh      Neon light sculptures by Carla O’Brien      Public-Art-Nastia-Gladushchenko-Chill-Out-Hub-TILE.jpg      Mural at Post Office Lane, Kogarah by Maddison Gibbs

Beastman-tile.jpg      Karri-McPherson-tile.jpg      Col-Henry-Meaning-tile.jpg      Col-Henry-Place-of-Reeds-tile.jpg

Mural at Hurstville Central Shopping Centre – Car park roof by Dawei Xu      Mural Hurstville Plaza by Elizabeth West      Hurstville Plaza Mural by Mulga      Hurstville Plaza Mural by Mehrdad MehrAeen

Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery work by Aaron McGarry      Hurstville Central Shopping Centre mural by Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek      Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery mural by Christina Huynh      Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery by James Price

Kogarah Town Square sculpture by Takis Kozokos      Statue in Ma’anshan Friendship Park, South Hurstville      Hurstville Central Shopping Centre mural by Alex Grilanc & Krimsone      Ormonde Parade mural by Alex Grilanc & Krimsone

Hurstville Plaza Mural by Mike Eleven      Bruce Lee sculpture, Kogarah Town Square                    


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