Driveways and Associated Works within Council's Road Reserve

Approval from Council is required to carry out works on the road related area outside your property. This includes driveways and footpath works.

Once you have submitted your application for driveway crossing and associated works on Council's road reserve, we will prepare a construction package which includes a design plan and issue levels for access to your property to ensure your vehicle can enter and exit without damage. We will notify you when this is ready for collection.

Please note: The location and geometric layout for driveways are designed and assessed for compliance with A.S.2890.1:2004 Off-Street Parking Guidelines.
Council no longer provides quotations to carry out driveway construction works. It is the property owner's responsibility to select a contractor to undertake these works. The property owner is also required to ensure all contractors working on Council's road related areas maintain the Public Liability insurance requirements of $20 million for the duration of the works.

Any proposals for a change in location or for new hard stand areas will be considered only after approval has been granted for internal works. Please note: Iinternal works may be subject to a separate Development Application.

All modifications to driveways on Council land require a driveway application to be submitted for approval.

All costs associated with the adjustments of utility services, e.g. Telstra, are to be paid by the applicant.

If you require further information regarding this process, please refer to the Driveway and Associated Works on Council’s Road Reserve Policy or Council’s Driveway Procedures Manual.  Alternatively, you may contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9330 6400.


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