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Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040

Following a two staged community engagement program in 2019, the Georges River Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040 ('LSPS 2040') has received a letter of support from the Greater Sydney Commission and has been made.

We were also awarded a commendation for ‘Great community collaboration’ at the 2020 Greater Sydney Planning Awards for outstanding leadership and excellence in community collaboration.

LSPS 2040 will guide land use planning and the delivery of significant infrastructure for our local government area (LGA) over the next 20 years.

LSPS 2040 creates a land use vision for the future that recognises the character of our suburbs. It builds on our community’s social, environmental and economic values and strengths.

LSPS 2040 was informed by an engagement program with the community, Councillors, State Government and other partners. This program included:

  • Over 900 community members participating in workshops, drop-ins and pop-up events.
  • 743 surveys completed on Housing and Centres.
  • 136 submissions during the public exhibition period.
  • Almost 8000 visits to the LSPS website.

LSPS 2040 sets out an ideal character for our LGA and a roadmap to deliver the community’s vision into the future. The document and its accompanying Implementation Plan contain over 100 actions. These actions guide our work on the ground and inform other Council plans and policies.


On 26 February 2024, Council considered a report on the progress against the actions in the LSPS 2040. The report provides an update on the progress against the 111 actions in the LSPS 2040 for the current Council term. Council resolved to note the progress against the actions in the LSPS 2040.

Progress against LSPS Actions provides a list of all the actions in the LSPS, along with an update on the progress of each action.

In accordance with Action A36 Engage the community in the review of this LSPS during each Council term of the LSPS, Council will start an update to the LSPS in February 2024. 

Council also resolved that a further report be submitted to Council outlining the process and program to review the LSPS 2040. This report will be considered by Council in April 2024.

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