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Abandoned or Unregistered Vehicles

If you believe a vehicle, including trailers, is abandoned check if it is registered on Service NSW.

If a vehicle is unregistered, it does not always mean it is abandoned. Council officers will investigate and determine if further action may need to be taken that may include the following.

  • Directing the owner to remove the vehicle.
  • Taking possession of the vehicle.
  • Issuing fines.

It is not the intention of Council to take action against owners of registered vehicles that are in a drivable condition and are; 

  • Legally parked in accordance with Road Rules.
  • Not creating an immediate amenity issue.

Registered vehicles that are unable to be legally driven because of their physical condition can be investigated. 

Due to strict time and notification requirements under the Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Act 2021, investigations can take over two months to complete. 

Abandoned and Unregistered Vehicle requests must be lodged via Council’s Log It/Fix It.

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