Local Businesses

We help our local economy thrive by supporting local businesses and strengthening partnerships with major employers. If you are looking to start up a new business, we are connected to agencies who can provide a number of educational and networking opportunities to help you and your business become established.

Local Services 

Realise Business

Realise Business provides provides help for all businesses such as providing business advice, training and coaching. As a hub for comprehensive and affordable business information, Southern Sydney BEC offers services and expertise to suit every business need.

Southern Sydney BEC specialises in assisting businesses with less than 20 employees.

Small Business NSW Commissioner

The Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner helps small businesses operate as professionally, efficiently and successfully as they can.

Services include: 

  • Serving as a neutral party in mediation and dispute resolution between small businesses and larger ones or even a government organisation

  • Providing high quality business advice and advisers with access to world class tools

  • Speaking up for small businesses to government.

Australian Business and Licence and Information Service

The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) helps you find the government licences, permits, approvals, registrations, codes of practice, standards and guidelines you need to know about to meet your compliance responsibilities.

St George Business Chamber

The St George Business Chamber represents the business community of Georges River for the purpose of business development and growth. 

The Chamber also provides a regular opportunity for business people to exchange information and ideas to solve common issues. 

Presentation to the St George Business Chamber Breakfast on Tuesday 28 August 2018

Presentation to the St George Busines Chamber Breakfast on Tuesday 28 August 2018 - City Strategy and Innovation


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