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Pre-Lodgement Advisory Service

This is a fee based service which provides customers with more detailed advice than that available through the Duty Planner Service.

There are five types of pre-lodgement services offered to cater for a wide range of customer needs. These include:

  • Comprehensive pre-lodgement service which only involves written advice only.
  • Comprehensive pre-lodgement service which involves written advice and a meeting with the applicant.
  • Single issue pre-lodgement service where applicant is seeking written advice on a single issue (e.g. deficient site car parking or non-compliance with setback controls). This service may or may not involve a meeting with the  applicant depending on the circumstances.
  • General research and interpretation advice.
  • Confirmation in writing that a proposed development is ‘Exempt development’.

What are the benefits for customers?

The Prelodgement Advisory Service offers customers a formal opportunity to have their development proposal reviewed with the objective being to identify potential issues, non-compliances and identify what documentation is required for a proper assessment to be undertaken against the relevant legislation.

Requests for additional information or requests to resolve non-compliances after lodgement are the most common causes of delay in processing a development application. These requests usually come as a surprise and further expense to the customer who has already invested a significant amount of energy, time and money towards their development.

What are the submission requirements?

Customers interested in obtaining prelodgement advice must complete and submit the Pre-lodgement Application Form accompanied by the relevant pre-lodgement fee.

As a minimum, customers must submit a description of the proposal, sketch or concept drawings, numerical compliance table and photos.  The more information provided by the customer, the more detailed and specific the advice will be.

Ideally the following documentation should accompany the Pre-lodgement Application Form:

  • Survey Plan (showing existing buildings, levels, vegetation, easements etc).
  • Concept Site Plan and Site Analysis Plans showing the building footprint, car parking, vehicle access arrangements, landscaping and all key features of the site and the proposal.
  • Typical elevations.
  • Shadow diagrams.
  • Conceptual floor plans.
  • Detailed written description of the proposal and a statement identifying any areas of non-compliance with the relevant planning instruments and codes.
  • Numerical compliance table.
  • Any other useful information to assist Council officers in providing detailed advice.
  • All plans should be drawn to a scale of 1:100 or 1:200 and include dimensions.

How much does the Prelodgement Advisory Service cost?

Fees for this Pre-lodgement Advisory Service are based on the estimated cost of work for the proposed development and type of development proposed. Prices for residential developments start from $210.00 and $250.00 for non – residential developments.

What happens after I apply for a Prelodgement Meeting?

A member of the Development Advisory Team will undertake a preliminary review of the plans and contact you to arrange a meeting. Meetings will be held for a maximum of 45 minutes at the Hurstville Service Centre located at the corner of MacMahon and Dora Streets Hurstville.

The advisory officer will work with you to identify any issues with your proposal so that they may be resolved prior to formal DA lodgement. Written correspondence will be provided following the meeting outlining the advice, comments and issues discussed at the meeting including any recommendations.

The applicant is required to consider and address all issues raised at the meeting and ensure that all essential submission documentation is included with the application at the time of DA lodgement.

Further information and follow-up meetings may be recommended for proposals which require further consideration of complex issues or substantial redesign.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet - Prelodgement Advisory Service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this service

  • Are Prelodgement Advisory Meetings compulsory?

    No, however seeking pre-lodgement advice will help identify and resolve issues prior to formal DA lodgement allowing the DA to be processed more efficiently.

  • Who will I be meeting with at the Prelodgement Meeting?

    You will be meeting with the Team Leader of the Development Advisory Services Team who is a senior, experienced and qualified Assessment Officer. The Team Leader of the Advisory Service works closely with the Coordinator of the Development Assessment Team and other departments in Council to ensure that all the required input is collated prior to the meeting.

    If there are significant design or site specific issues, the Team Leader of the DAS will ensure that the appropriate expert is available for the pre-lodgement meeting.

    Example: If there are significant drainage issues, Council’s Drainage Engineer will review the proposal, provide comments to the Team Leader of the Development Advisory Service and if necessary, may also be required to attend the meeting.

  • Am I guaranteed approval if I have a Prelodgement Meeting?

    No. It is against the law for Council to “guarantee” approval of a proposed development.  The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has strict guidelines for Council to follow in relation to offering Pre-lodgement Advice.

    Obtaining pre-lodgement advice is the best way to identify the potential issues and non-compliances before the application is formally lodged with Council. 

    It provides the customer with the best chance of success because a detailed preliminary review has already been undertaken and both parties are well informed of the issues which need to be resolved.

    Once lodged, a development application must be assessed on its merits against the relevant legislation and policies in force at the time and in consideration of any submissions received during the neighbour notification period.

  • What if I need a follow up prelodgement meeting?

    Follow up pre-lodgement advice is available for 50% of the original pre-lodgement fee paid.

  • Can I book a prelodgement Meeting online using the booking system?

    Not yet, but stay tuned as we are expanding the service options available via this portal.

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