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Seniors in Georges River

There were 35,300 Georges River residents who were 60 years old or older in 2021. This means that there was a higher proportion of people 60 years old or older living in Georges River Council area (23%) than in Greater Sydney (20.5%). 

Healthy Ageing

Staying physically active, eating a balanced diet and connecting with others are all key to staying healthy and independent as we age. Hear from community members and health professionals about some easy steps that you can add to your day-to-day routine to help you stay healthy.

Watch the video below on healthy ageing.

Visit the Active & Healthy website for more information about healthy ageing and to find an exercise program near you.

Georges River Seniors Program

The Georges River Seniors Program runs five days a week from different community halls in the area. Our support enables the groups to run a variety of regular free or low-cost programs and activities. To find out more, visit the Seniors Program web page.  

See the full list of current Seniors Programs

For questions or if you need any more information please contact the Community Safety and Inclusion Officer via email or phone (02) 9330 6400. 

Seniors Advisory Committee

The Georges River Seniors Advisory Committee allows local seniors and seniors organisations to provide specialist advice on the needs and priorities of local seniors. The Committee aims to:

  • Promote collaboration and engagement of seniors and seniors organisations. 

  • Assist Council in the planning of seniors throughout the year, including Seniors Festival. 

For more information, please see the Seniors Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Services for Seniors

There are various support services throughout the Georges River area that provide assistance with home care packages, meal deliveries, home and gardening care for older people in the community. For more information, visit the Services for Seniors web page. 

For more community support services, please visit the Community Support Services Directory.

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