The dining scene in the Georges River area is highly regarded, with access to quality ingredients, an ethnically diverse population and a climate geared towards outdoor dining. Eating out is a popular pastime.
All local businesses that serve food to the public are regulated by Georges River Council and the NSW Food Authority to ensure that the food they sell is safe. Businesses that sell food and drinks to the public in the Georges River Council area must register with our Environmental Health Unit and meet the requirements of the Food Act standards before commencing trade. If the business is sold to a new owner, the registration can be transferred.

 We regulate businesses and organisations that operate within the Georges River Council area, monitoring their compliance with the relevant requirements by:
  • Inspecting and registering food businesses

  • Collecting samples of food for analysis

  • Investigating complaints and incidents of illness associated with food

  • Providing education and advice.

Find out more about Council’s role in food safety
Register a Food Business

Temporary Food Premises

Temporary food premises are short term stalls or mobile food vehicles used for the sale of food at an event or on private or public land for a limited period of time.  Applications must be submitted at least 28 days prior to trading.

Apply for a Temporary Food Permit

Food Safety Supervisor  

Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) accreditation is required by at least one person in every restaurants, café, takeaway shop, caterer, bakery and all retail food outlets under the Food Act 2003.
Apply for Food Safety Supervisor Certification

Food Safety and Hygiene Seminars

Food Safety and Hygiene Seminars are provided free of charge to all food handlers and business owners within the Georges River area.
Apply for a free Food Safety and Hygiene Seminar


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