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Georges River Car Parking Strategy

The Georges River Car Parking Strategy (Strategy) applies to all business centres in the Georges River local government area (LGA). The aim of this Strategy is to set a direction for car parking across our LGA to maintain and increase economic activity within the business centres. Some of the car parks are not zoned business, but are included in the Strategy as they serve a business centre (for example, Carwar Avenue Car Park in Carss Park).

The Strategy aims to:

  • Understand the current parking situation;
  • Identify opportunities to improve, remove, keep and increase current parking;
  • Ensure parking meets demand and is used in the best way;
  • Encourage the use of sustainable transport and reduce cars; and
  • Review the car parking requirements in Council’s Development Control Plan.

Council approved the Position Paper and the Strategy on 27 April 2020.

The key changes include making car parking requirements consistent throughout the LGA. This means similar or reduced car parking rates in strategic and other centres for places such as businesses and offices, retail, restaurants / cafes and medical centres.

Other recommendations include:

  • Replace ‘disabled people’ with ‘people with a disability’ and ‘disabled spaces’ with ‘accessible spaces’ throughout the Position Paper and the Strategy;
  • Look at ways to provide more public parking that is available to special user groups, including older residents;
  • Provide maps showing the location of parking areas on Council’s website in English and other languages;
  • Produce a Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for the LGA through the Georges River Transport Strategy; and
  • Consider ways to encourage the community to adopt active lifestyles.

Supporting Documents

Council Report 14 April 2020
Council Minutes 27 April 2020
Position Paper, May 2020
Georges River CPS Final Report
Attachment 1 Study Area Maps
Attachment 2 Background Research
Attachment 3 GIS Inventory Data
Attachment 4 GIS Parking Inventory Maps
Attachment 5 Parking Survey Results Wednesday
Attachment 6 Parking Survey Results Weekend
Attachment 7 Occupancy and Length of Stay Graphs Weekday
Attachment 8 Occupancy and Length of Stay Graphs Weekend
Attachment 9 Heat Maps Peak Occupancy Weekday and Weekend
Attachment 10 Detailed Analysis of Parking Survey Results
Attachment 11 Future Parking Demand Model
Attachment 12 Feedback Stakeholder Workshops
Attachment 13 Detailed Analysis of Accessible Parking and Loading Zones
Attachment 14 Detailed Analysis Off-street Car parks

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