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Park and Reserve Facilities

The Neighbourhood Maps contains a variety of useful information presented on an interactive map and includes the many cycling and walking routes throughout the Georges River area.



  • Some parks and reserves are available for small wedding ceremonies and photographs. Bookings are required.
  • A maximum of 10 chairs and a celebrant's table are permitted.
  • Structures such as arches, stages, carpet aisles, decorations, confetti, rice, alcohol or commercial activities are not permitted for these functions.

Parties and picnics

  • Council does not take bookings for birthday parties or picnics.
  • Use of facilities such as picnic shelters, BBQs and tables are used on a first come, first served basis.
  • Jumping castles are not permitted.
  • Schools are advised to make a booking for any picnic or other event involving 50 or more students.
  • Commercial activities are not permitted within Council parks and reserves, with the exception of approved fitness trainers and approved commercial sporting clinics. Exclusivity cannot be guaranteed due to parks and reserves being public spaces.
  • Please note, some parks and reserves in the Georges River are alcohol prohibited areas.

To make a casual park booking, please complete and return our Casual Park booking form.

Full details relating to use of public land can be found in Council's Local Approvals Policy.

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information regarding Park and Reserve Facilities.

Sportsfield Rules

  • All organised activities, such as team sports, are required to book with Council prior to using the playing fields. To make a booking, contact Georges River Council at or (02) 9330 6160.

  • Booking holders retain priority to use Council's playing fields. Other park users must vacate playing fields for booking holders.

  • Vehicle access is for Council authorised vehicles only and subject to conditions of access.

Mountain bike tracks

Public-made mountain bike tracks are not permitted or authorised on public land. They often cause disturbance to native vegetation, impacting on fauna habitat, creating weed intrusion, and causing soil erosion and stormwater pollution running into creeks during rainy periods. 

There is additionally a great risk to the safety of the public if Council is unaware of the track and cannot promptly remove it. 

Council encourages community members to come forward and report any tracks and also be aware of the impact they have to other members of the community and the environment.

For more information refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is bike Mountain Bike and BMX riding illegal at parks??

    No, it is not illegal. It is a permissible activity in accordance with the Plan of Management (POM). Bikes just need to stay on roads and fire trails and not go into the bush.
    We are improving the signage in parks to help all users understand their obligations to each other.

  • Can I create new tracks in the bush?

    No, you cannot create new tracks or trails for any purpose. The creation of new tracks in bushland areas is prohibited.
    This activity is harmful to the environment and may result in the destruction of endangered and native flora and the natural landscape. It may also pose a public safety issue for other park users.

  • What can I do if I see a new bush track created?

    Where a new bush track or jumps have been created you can report this to Council using the Log It/Fix It option on Council’s website or you can download the Georges River Council app from the App Store or Google Play. The app lets you easily take a photo and upload the details on Request a Service.

  • Can I walk my dogs in a park or reserve?

    Yes, dogs are allowed in most area except for within 10 metres of a playground and BBQ area.

    Dogs must be always on-leash unless within a designated off-leash area. Refer to our Off Leash Dog Parks website for more details.

  • Can I let my dog roam freely on a sports field?

    Dogs must be always on leash unless stated otherwise by site signage.

  • Is the outdoor fitness equipment part of the playground?

    No, the fitness equipment is intended for exercise purposes only. 


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