Disclosing Political Gifts and Donations

Disclosure Requirements

Gifts and donations given to either Georges River Councillors including their political party or elected group, or to employees or approved contractors of Georges River Council, must be disclosed by law when you lodge a Development Application (DA) or Planning Proposal (PP) or a public submission objecting to or in support of a DA and/or PP.

Donations or gifts given to a councillor, their political party or group, at the time they were a candidate for election to Council must also be disclosed.

Disclosing reportable donations and gifts covers the two year period before the application or submission was made, up until the DA/PP is determined by Council.

If the gift or donation was made after the DA/PP or submission was lodged it needs to be disclosed within seven days.

If you need to disclose any gifts or donations, please complete and submit the Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement at the same time your DA/PP or public submission is lodged.

Public Information

Council is required to retain the DA/PP gift and donation disclosure statements made by applicants and people lodging public submissions.

Council must make the disclosures available to the public after an access to information request has been made under the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009.


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