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Meetings of Council

Council is required under the WHS Act to provide a safe workplace for its workers and others at the workplace.

Risk assessments are conducted prior to Council meetings and controls are put in place for the protection of our staff and everyone attending these meetings.
It has been determined that the following controls will be put in place for public attendance at Council meetings, commencing with the Committee Meetings scheduled for Tuesday, 14 June 2022:

  • Public seating to return to pre-COVID numbers.
  • The requirement for members of the public to register to attend Council meetings has been removed and seating will be provided at the rear of the Dragon Room.
  • To prevent overcrowding in the Dragon Room, overflow seating will be provided in the Customer Service area if required.
  • Directors will be seated at the front of the Dragon Room as per pre-COVID configuration.

The Community is encouraged to watch the live broadcast.

Council meets regularly to make decisions for the local government area. Council’s Code of Meeting Practice explains how all meetings of Council operate and how you can comment on matters before Council.

Residents are encouraged to participate and can register to speak on any item on an agenda. To lodge a request to speak at a Council or Committee Meeting, please complete the Request to Speak at Council / Committee Meeting form. In-person attendance by speakers may be permitted at the discretion of the General Manager.

Council will continue to livestream all Council and Committee meetings to meet the requirements of Section 10 of the Local Government Act 1993.

For further information on Council Meetings refer to the Council and Committee Meeting - Fact Sheet.

Attending a meeting in person: Georges River Civic Centre Corner Dora and MacMahon Streets, Hurstville (Dragon Room, Level 1).

Committees and Panels

On 4 October 2017, Council resolved to establish the following Committees which will be held on the second Monday of the month:

The role of the committees is to provide specialist knowledge on a specific topic or issue and assist Council to make decisions on matters in the Georges River area.

Georges River Council has four standing committees:

  • Finance and Governance Committee.
  • Community and Culture Committee.
  • Environment and Planning Committee.
  • Assets and Infrastructure Committee.

Georges River Council has three advisory committees:

  • Floodplain Risk Management Committee.
  • Georges River Local Traffic Advisory Committee.
  • Georges River Council Sports Advisory Committee.

Learn more about our committees and panels.


Calendar of Committee Meetings

Committees are scheduled for the second Monday of each month, commencing at either 6.00pm or 7.00pm.

  • 6.00pm - Finance and Governance Committee.
  • 6.00pm - Community and Culture Committee.
  • 7.00pm - Environment and Planning Committee.
  • 7.00pm - Assets and Infrastructure Committee.

Dates for Committee Meetings are below:

  • Monday 12 February 2024.
  • Monday 11 March 2024.
  • Monday 8 April 2024.
  • Monday 13 May 2024.
  • Tuesday 11 June 2024.
  • Monday 8 July 2024.
  • Monday 12 August 2024.

Calendar of Council Meetings

  • Monday 12 February 2024 (Extraordinary Council Meeting 2024 commencing at 8.00pm).
  • ​Monday 26 February 2024.
  • Monday 25 March 2024.
  • Monday 22 April 2024.
  • Monday 27 May 2024.
  • Monday 24 June 2024.
  • Monday  22 July 2024.
  • Monday 26 August 2024.

In accordance with a resolution of Council, all Ordinary Council Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month, commencing at 7.00pm.

Extraordinary Council meetings are called when required.  

Each meeting of Council is minuted, and the Minutes are published on Council’s website. 

Meeting Broadcasts

Council is migrating to a new broadcast platform, this will see some minor changes when connecting to the broadcast. For changes see the Broadcast connection guide.

Meeting Type Start time Broadcast link
Council Meeting 7.00pm 24 June 2024
Traffic Committee Meeting 10.00am 4 June 2024
Local Planning Panel Meeting 4.00pm
Community and Culture Committee Meeting 6.00pm 11 June 2024
Assets and Infrastructure Committee Meeting 7.00pm 11 June 2024
Finance and Governance Committee Meeting 6.00pm 11 June 2024
Environment and Planning Committee Meeting 7.00pm 11 June 2024
Georges River Council Sports Advisory Committee 6.00pm  

Meeting Webcast Archive


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