Parks and Reserves
Georges River Council has engaged a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to reconstruct the turf surfaces at Olds Park Oval 2 and Beverly Hills Oval. This work involves the installation of irrigation systems, including water tank (Olds Park), and the design and installation of subsurface drainage systems.
The purpose of this work is to renew valuable recreational assets by alleviating existing issues with wet soils, and ensure the development of quality sporting oval with appropriate irrigation and drainage.
Construction is expected to be completed by January 2020.

We place a high priority on enhancing the beauty, character and amenities of the parks and reserves in the Georges River local area for the benefit of our community.

Council's strategic management of all parks and reserves in the local government area is detailed in these webpages and provides a snapshot of the facilities available in every park. You can find out how to apply to use these parks and reserves, and also how to join our two community gardens to harvest your own fruit and vegetables.

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