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Resident Parking Permit Scheme

Resident parking permits exempt eligible residents and visitors from parking time restrictions in designated time restricted parking areas where the signage includes the words 'permit holders excepted'.

In recognising that, 'timed on-street' parking restrictions can be incompatible with the parking needs of nearby residents. Parking permits improve parking access for residents, while balancing the parking needs of other community members in such areas of high demand.

The Resident Parking Permit Scheme provides a framework for managing parking permits in the local government area, known as the Resident Parking Scheme (RPS), in accordance with the requirements prescribed by the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2021 and Transport for NSW Permit Parking Guidelines.

If you would like to apply for a permit, please fill in the Parking Permit Application.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below:

  • What does the Resident Parking Permit scheme achieve?

    The aim of the Residential Parking Permit Scheme is to offer an exemption to eligible residents and their visitors from the parking time restrictions that apply in certain high-demand street parking areas. These designated areas are clearly marked with signage that includes the words ‘permit holders excepted.'

    This scheme is intended to improve parking access for residents near their homes, mitigating the challenges posed by limited street parking availability. By providing these exemptions, the scheme seeks to balance the needs of residents with the broader community's parking demands.

  • What is a Resident Parking Permit?

    A Resident Parking Permit is issued for eligible premises within an Approved Parking Permit Area (APPA), providing an exemption for the permit holders from the time parking restrictions that apply within that area.

    The permit must be displayed correctly in accordance with the permit conditions of use to be valid. Importantly, the permit is associated with the residence itself, not with an individual.

  • Am I eligible for a Parking Permit

    Contact Council on (02) 9330 6400 to determine if the premises is eligible for an approved parking permit.

  • How many Resident Parking Permits am I eligible for?

    A maximum of two resident parking permits and two visitor parking permits are permitted per residence.

  • What is a Visitor Parking Permit and am I eligible?

    A person either visiting or temporarily residing with the resident of an eligible premises within an Approved Parking Permit Area (APPA) can benefit from the residential parking permit scheme. However, it is important to note that the exemption from timed parking restrictions only applies when a valid visitor parking permit is displayed in accordance with the permit conditions of use.

    Visitor permits are issued to the resident, who will then provide these permits to any visitors to their property. These permits allow visitors to park in designated areas without being subject to the usual time restrictions.

    Visitor parking permits are intended for short-term use only, to improve parking access for residents' guests while maintaining the overall parking management within the area. Proper display of the visitor permit in the visitor's vehicle is required to validate the exemption during their visit.

  • How do I apply for a Resident Parking Permit?

    You can apply for your permit by printing and completing the application form, this can also be found on Council’s website under “Find a Form”. Bring your completed application form and supporting documents and come into one of Council’s Customer Service Centres located at Hurstville and Kogarah.

    The required supporting documentation is:

    • Completed application form.

    • Proof of residency, for example – lease agreement, drivers licence or utility bill.

    • Hard copy (paper) of vehicle registration for new application.  Digital copy is acceptable for permit renewal only.

    Applications will be accepted by email however all supporting documentation must be provided. Applications can be emailed to

  • Can I register for a Resident Parking Permit online?

    Council does not currently have an online permit application system.

    To apply, please complete an application form, this can also be found on Council’s website under “Find a form” and bring the form and relevant validation documents to one of Council’s Customer Service Centres located at Hurstville or Kogarah. 

    Applications will be accepted by email however all supporting documentation must be provided. Applications can be emailed to

  • By completing an application for a Resident Parking Permit does it mean I automatically have the permit?

    For an application to be valid, the premises must be an eligible property within an Approved Parking Permit Area (APPA), and all required documentation must be provided. The application will be reviewed by Council officers to ensure the property is eligible under the scheme.

    Permits will only be issued to eligible properties.

  • How often do I need to renew my Resident Parking Permit?

    You need to reapply for a resident parking permit annually, within 12 months from the month of issue.

  • If I have an existing Resident Parking Permit, when do I need to renew it by?

    This year, we are extending the renewal period for parking permits. You now have until 30 September 2024 to renew your permit.

    The renewal application process will commence on 1 July 2024, giving you a three-month window to complete your renewal. This extension is a one time adjustment, providing additional time for residents to ensure their permits are up to date.

    We encourage all eligible residents to take advantage of this extended period to avoid any inconvenience and ensure continuous access to the benefits provided by the residential parking permit scheme. Please submit your renewal application within the specified timeframe.

  • Where should I display my permit?

    Resident Parking Permit: To be valid the permit must be affixed onto a non-tinted area inside the left-hand passenger side of the front windscreen in a position clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.  Failure to comply with these conditions may result in a fine being issued.

    Visitor Permits: to be valid the permit must be displayed on the passenger side front dashboard of the vehicle and visible through the front windscreen with all the permit details including permit number, area, expiry month and year visible. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in a fine being issued.

  • If I move home, can I sell my Resident Parking Permit to the next owner or renter?

    No, the resident permit-holder is responsible for discarding the parking permit. Permits are not transferable, meaning they cannot be passed on to another person or residence. Each new application for a permit must undergo a fresh assessment to determine eligibility. This ensures that permits are issued based on the current criteria and circumstances, maintaining the integrity and fairness of the Residential Parking Permit Scheme.

    Residents are reminded to return their permits to Council when they move out of the eligible premises or no longer require the permit.

  • If I have a Resident Parking Permit, can I park within one of the other seven designated Authorised Parking Permit Areas?

    No, the Resident and Visitor Parking Permits are exclusive to one approved parking permit area.

  • Can I park wherever I want with my Resident Parking Permit?

    Resident parking permits do not provide an exemption for any other road rules or guarantee a parking space.

    You can only park in zones identified by street signage indicating 'permit holders excepted’.

  • Can I be fined even if I have a permit?

    Yes, if the permit is not displayed correctly, is not current, or is not being used for the permitted purpose. A permit does not exempt permit-holders from any other parking restrictions such as ‘Loading Zones’ or ‘No Stopping’ areas.

  • Can I get a permit for any other vehicle?

    Trucks, buses, caravans, trailers and vehicles classified as heavy or long vehicles are not eligible for parking permits in accordance with the Transport for NSW Parking Permit Guidelines and are not exempt from timed parking restrictions.

  • Why am I not eligible under the scheme?

    Parking permit's eligibility is set in conjunction with Transport for NSW (TFNSW), NSW state development planning guidelines and Council’s traffic committee. Council only issues a permit to eligible properties.

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