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Wildlife Protection Areas

Council has adopted a Wildlife Protection Area Policy which declares 19 Category 2 wildlife protection areas in Council managed bushland reserves.

Category 2 wildlife protection areas prohibit cats as per section 30(1)(b) of the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998. Dogs that are on a leash will be permitted on formed tracks, pathways or roads in Category 2 lands.

Crimson rosella perched on a branch in the bushlandThe Wildlife Protection Area Policy aims to protect local biodiversity, domestic companion animals and the local environment through the declaration of Wildlife Protection Areas (WPA). The Policy grants Council the ability to control and manage roaming cats and off-leash dogs in designated WPA’s outlined within this Policy for the protection of native fauna.

This Policy applies to public land declared as a Wildlife Protection Area. This Policy also applies to all cat and dog owners within the LGA, particularly those who live within 1km of a declared WPA. This Policy identifies specific parks and reserves as a WPA and provides criteria for the creation of more WPA’s.

You can view the Wildlife Protection Area Policy here.

An authorised officer may seize and remove cats or dogs off-leash found in declared Category 2 Wildlife Protection Areas. Fines apply.


Maps of Parks and Reserves listed as Wildlife Protection Areas

You can see maps of each of the Wildlife Protection Areas in the list of parks and reserves below:

Use Neighbourhood Maps to View Wildlife Protection Areas

You can also view the Wildlife Protection Areas on our Neighbourhood Maps tool.

To do this:

  • Open Neighbourhood Maps and click on the Terms and Conditions acceptance button.

  • In the options on the left your will see our bright green bird icons. Select the bird icon to see the Wildlife Protection Areas.

Council understands the benefits of dogs that can run, exercise and socialise leash-free with other dogs. Council provides dog owners access to 11 off-leash dog parks in the Georges River area.

You can also view the off-leash dog parks by clicking on the dog-friendly parks paw icon on our Neighbourhood Maps.

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