Flood Management

In June 2016, Council formally endorsed the draft Overland Flow Flood Study for the Hurstville, Mortdale and Peakhurst Wards.

The Overland Flow Flood Study forms part of an overall future Floodplain Risk Management Plan for the Georges River Council area.

The key objective of the Plan is to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood prone properties. The Plan also aims to reduce potential private and public losses resulting from floods, utilising ecologically positive flood mitigation measures.

The Overland Flow Flood Study is the first step in developing the Floodplain Risk Management Plan and involves a comprehensive technical investigation of flood behaviour within the area.

The Flood Study provides detailed information on the nature of the flood risk including the distribution, extent, levels and velocity of floodwaters across the floodplain for various flood events including the 100 Year Flood and Probable Maximum Flood.

Probable Maximum Flood Maps 100 Year Flood Maps
PMF-Flood-Maps_00-Index 100yr-Flood-Maps_00-Index 
PMF-Flood-Maps_01  100yr-Flood-Maps_01
PMF-Flood-Maps_02 100yr-Flood-Maps_02
PMF-Flood-Maps_03 100yr-Flood-Maps_03 
PMF-Flood-Maps_04  100yr-Flood-Maps_04 
PMF-Flood-Maps_05  100yr-Flood-Maps_05 
PMF-Flood-Maps_06 100yr-Flood-Maps_06
PMF-Flood-Maps_07 100yr-Flood-Maps_07
PMF-Flood-Maps_08 100yr-Flood-Maps_08
PMF-Flood-Maps_09 100yr-Flood-Maps_09 
PMF-Flood-Maps_10 100yr-Flood-Maps_10
PMF-Flood-Maps_11  100yr-Flood-Maps_11
PMF-Flood-Maps_12  100yr-Flood-Maps_12
PMF-Flood-Maps_13 100yr-Flood-Maps_13
PMF-Flood-Maps_14 100yr-Flood-Maps_14
PMF-Flood-Maps_15 100yr-Flood-Maps_15
PMF-Flood-Maps_16 100yr-Flood-Maps_16
PMF-Flood-Maps_17 100yr-Flood-Maps_17
PMF-Flood-Maps_18 100yr-Flood-Maps_18
PMF-Flood-Maps_19 100yr-Flood-Maps_19 
PMF-Flood-Maps_20 100yr-Flood-Maps_20
PMF-Flood-Maps_21  100yr-Flood-Maps_21 
PMF-Flood-Maps_22 100yr-Flood-Maps_22 
PMF-Flood-Maps_23 100yr-Flood-Maps_23

The study was jointly funded by Council and the Government Office of Environment and Heritage. 

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