Kogarah - Health and Knowledge Hub of the South
Fast Facts – Kogarah
Local Businesses: 1,624 (2018)
Local Jobs: 10,143
Population: 12,514 (2018)

The name Kogarah is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning `a place of reeds.’ Early land grants in the area were made to John Townson and James Chandler, whose neighbouring estates included land that was to become Hurstville, Kogarah and Bexley. As the area developed from forest into farmland, the district began to produce fruit, vegetables and oysters for the Sydney market.

Kogarah became a municipality in 1885, two years before Hurstville. In 1894 St George Hospital was established as a cottage hospital becoming a district hospital in 1924. In 1964 it became a teaching hospital and in the late 1980s the hospital underwent a $200 million redevelopment to become a major tertiary teaching hospital.

In October 2017 the new acute services wing opened, representing a $277 million investment by the NSW State government. Nearby, the St George Private Hospital which was established in the mid1990s has continued to develop its presence in the local area.

The St George Building Society moved its headquarters to Montgomery Street Kogarah in 1990 and in 1992 became the St George Bank. In 2008 the bank merged with Westpac and there was a significant movement of staff from the Kogarah headquarters. Today the building houses a specialist IT Hub, with staff numbers on the increase.

Local Schools

Home to St George Girls High School, Marist High School, Kogarah High School, James Cook Boys High School, Moorfield Girls High School and St George TAFE Kogarah has been identified as a Health and Education Super Precinct under the revised South District Plan.    


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