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Business Use of Footpath
As part of Georges River Council's Economic and Social Recovery Plan, the temporary revision of trading regulations has been endorsed to help fast track the economic recovery of businesses in area. This initiative is not only aimed at increasing the dining capacity of local restaurants and cafes but also about reinvigorating local centres in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions.

Business use of the public area is a valuable use of public space it can improve the look of our streets and adds life and creates vibrancy to our centres. Outdoor dining, shopfront display and A Frame applications are available to all businesses in the Georges River Local Government Area. Each application received will be reviewed individually for suitability in the proposed public domain area.

Note: Georges River Council reserves the right to reassess and amend approval conditions to ensure compliance with the Local Approvals Policy at any time.

The applicant should read and understand the Use of Public Land Policy and Guidelines as part of the application process.
To apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit an application form must be completed and submitted with the following:
  • Application fee as per Council's adopted fees and charges payable at time of lodgment
  • Site plan of proposed usage 1:100 - accurately showing the area and layout of the proposed Outdoor Dining area including the proposed location of all items and access and service points to premises;
  • Photographs of the site - clearly showing the proposed Outdoor Dining area relative to buildings and existing features of the footway area;
  • Details of furniture - including photographs and dimensions;
  • Details of other relevant approvals from Council - e.g. Development Application;
  • Details of relevant permits - e.g. liquor licence and food business registration;
  • A copy of current lease documentation for current premises if shop is not owner occupied (front page of lease required only);
  • Letter/s of Consent - in writing from the tenant or agent and landlord if the applicant wishes to operate from in front of the adjacent property. This permission must be submitted to Council each year;
  • A valid Certificate of currency for public liability insurance noting Georges River Council as an interested party for the period of the Outdoor Dining Approval which is being applied for

For further information on these options see Georges River Council Local Approvals.

For further information on Council's fees and charges with these approvals, please refer to Fees and Charges.

For assistance, contact our Strategic Property Team

Outdoor Dining
Shopfront Display

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