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Biodiversity is the variety of all living things; the different plants, animals and micro organisms, and the ecosystems they form. Protecting biodiversity is important for the survival of our planet.

Georges River contains over 300 parks and bushland reserves, which are home to many native animals and threatened species. You can view the full list of these species in Council’s 2021 Biodiversity Study.

What is Council Doing?

As our bushland has reduced through urbanisation, many native animals have lost their natural homes. As a result, wildlife occasionally seeks sanctuary in homes, backyards and community spaces. Council ensures that any local activity has minimal impact on local native and vulnerable species.

Our 2021 Biodiversity Study is split into two volumes and will inform strategic and operational efforts to conserve biodiversity. 


How Can You Help?

Planting trees and shrubs is the easiest way to help biodiversity. View our tree information guide and tree planting page for tips on how to get free trees from Council or the NSW Government, as well as lists of suitable species to plant.

You can also view the educational video on how to simply create a native bee hotel in your backyard.

There are many other ways to get involved in helping our biodiversity – you can attend a community planting day, environmental event or view our backyard biodiversity guide for a list of tips on improving biodiversity at home. ​

​Please view the following pages for more information.

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