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GreenPower: Your fastest way to get renewable electricity 

Council is encouraging residents and businesses to switch to an accredited 100% Green Power electricity plan to achieve state and local net zero emissions targets.

In Greater Sydney, 56% of all emissions come from electricity - switching to a GreenPower electricity plan is your fastest way go renewable and reduce these emissions, even if you rent or live in an apartment. ​
It’s the only government accredited and audited green energy program and it’s ideal for those who can’t install rooftop solar and for those with solar who use electricity from the grid at times. ​
When you opt for a GreenPower electricity plan you are supporting the renewable energy industry, with electricity from wind and sun made in Australia.

Why GreenPower electricity plans are better than carbon neutral plans

Some energy providers offer 100% carbon neutral plans and many talk about carbon offsets. However, offsets often do not change how electricity is generated in Australia. GreenPower does.

When you opt for 100 % GreenPower, you’re guaranteed to be contributing to Australia’s renewably-sourced electricity production.

Find out exactly what GreenPower is and why you might want it in 60 seconds. View the video below.


For Residents

  • You can switch in as little as 10 minutes.​

  • GreenPower is the only government accredited and audited renewable energy program. ​

  • GreenPower helps to grow the Australian renewable energy  industry

  • With energy prices on the rise, now's a good time to skill-up and get primed to shop around for a new deal.​​

  • Shop around for GreenPower. Most companies sell it. Companies might call it different things like GreenEnergy, GreenChoice or PureEnergy. A list of all available GreenPower plans is available on

  • Beware of carbon neutral electricity plans – they often don’t help grow Australia’s renewable energy sector. Look for the GreenPower tick logo or ask electricity companies specifically for “100% accredited GreenPower”. ​


For Businesses  

  • Switching to GreenPower will help your business achieve a certified carbon neutral status. ​

  • Most businesses overpay for electricity. Although there is a fee for GreenPower, by comparing the market and switching you won't necessarily be paying significantly more. You may even pay less.​

  • The Federal government’s free Business Energy Advice Program can help you save money on electricity.​

  • GreenPower can improve your building’s NABERS rating.​​

  • You can apply to use the GreenPower logo in your marketing and demonstrate your commitment to the environment to your customers.​​

  • GreenPower is also recognised for organisations looking at RE100 or SBTi, GreenStar or B-Corp.​


Here’s 3 ways to switch to GreenPower. Choose what suits you:  

1.Call and chat to your current energy provider

Call your current energy provider, ask if you’re on a GreenPower plan and if you’re not, ask them to switch you to 100% GreenPower. If they quote you a much higher price, get quotes from other providers, or use the Energy Made Easy comparison tool to find the cheapest deals currently on offer.  

2. Find the greenest option 

Check out the Green Electricity Guide. It’s an independent, unbiased ranking of all electricity providers. Choose a provider and sign up on their website. Remember to tick the box for GreenPower if one pops up. If you care about company ethics, and want to support the companies doing the most to get more green electricity made, this option is for you.

3. Get the cheapest deal 

Compare prices from all electricity companies using Energy Made Easy. It’s an accurate and independent service operated by the Australian Energy Regulator and it’s fantastic for comparing the current deals from all electricity providers in one go. Make sure you tick the GreenPower filter box. 


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