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Stormwater management policy

The Georges River Stormwater Management Policy was adopted by Council on 27 July 2020 (recently updated on 18 December 2023).
This new Stormwater Management Policy aims to:

  • Provide consistency in application of stormwater control for private development across the Georges River Council area.
  • Provide clear guidance and expectations for those lodging applications.
  • Improving application processing times.
  • Provide consistency between Council Assessment & Private Certifiers (CDC’s).
  • Reduce risk to the public aiming to reduce the likelihood and severity of downstream flooding and the likelihood of impact on neighbouring properties.
  • Provide drainage systems that are low maintenance and long lasting.
  • Prevent or at worst minimise, the release of pollutants from Urban areas.
  • Provide drainage systems that incorporate rainwater tanks or other systems to reduce the development’s reliance on mains supplied water.
  • Provide drainage systems that integrate into Council’s drainage network with minimal impact on existing users or catchment areas.
  • Improve water quality within our waterways.

This Policy has immediate effect for any application for development lodged under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 post 27 July 2020.

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