Multicultural Communities

Georges River Council acknowledges and values the wide range of attributes of the culturally and linguistically diverse communities that play a key role in forming the strong social and economic character of the Council area.

In 2016, 42% of people in the Georges River Council were born in countries where English was not their first language. Many Georges River residents come from places as diverse as China, Nepal, Greece, Philippines and India. 

A more complete picture of the cultural diversity of the Georges River Local Government Area is available on via the Georges River Council Community Profile.

Our approach

Council's services are based on the principles of multiculturalism that encourages inclusion and participation of multicultural communities to ensure their needs are addressed through culturally appropriate services.  

Community Development Programs 

We offer a variety of community development programs and initiatives that improve access of multicultural groups to Council's services such as Council Open Days. Our programs also aim to promote harmony and enhance cultural and religious diversity in our community through events such as Harmony Day and the Interfaith and Peace Forums.

Council is a major sponsor to the annual Migrant Information Day which is held each October by the St George Multicultural Network Interagency. This event provides newly arrived migrants and refugees in the region with information on services, facilities and support groups and includes a celebration of multicultural food and music.

The Georges River Local Government Area is an official Refugee Welcome Zone and supports an annual Refugee Week event and welcomes refugees and endeavours to highlight their achievements in our community.

English Classes Directory

We develop resources that can improve our communications with multicultural communities.

Georges River Council in partnership with various community organisations produced the English Classes Directory 2019. This resource is vital for migrants to improve their English language skills, to gain confidence with reading and speaking English and to learn and access local services.

We also conduct community consultations on a regular basis to identify emerging community needs and inform our policy development.

Multicultural Reference Group

The Reference Group has been formed to work closely with Council to improve residents’ access to services and to address community needs and inspirations.


For further information on the Multicultural Reference Group or programs for multicultural communities please contact Council’s Multicultural and Indigenous Services Officer on 9330 6069.

Language Aide Program

Council offers language aide officers who are available to assist residents who have difficulty communicating in English and are seeking information about Council services. Language aides are available in Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Greek and Italian languages. For other languages you can contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450.

Useful Links

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