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The Georges River area is an incredibly special location treasured by its culturally diverse community who are lucky enough to live and work here. It offers an abundance of natural assets with unique bushland, spectacular waterways, as well as a variety of town centres which each have their own feel and offerings.

We are dedicated to helping protect our natural environment, provide vibrant public places, sustaining and developing a thriving creative culture and enabling people to move around the area easily. We also want to offer access to a good mix of housing options, create job and business opportunities and ensure that Council is continually looking for ways to improve our provision of essential services.

Community partnerships and effective engagement with our residents, our local working population and visitors to the area are key to achieving these goals. These relationships help Council to provide the Georges River area with innovative and creative solutions to existing and future challenges, including our growing population and environmental concerns such as climate change.

With this in mind, we make decisions which help achieve these goals, develop strategies which help apply these decisions and, ultimately, deliver projects which articulate the priorities and aspirations of our community.

Further information on Council is available on our Councillor Information web page.

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