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Bin Services

Bin collection days and online waste calendar

To find your bin collection day or view your online waste calendar use Council's property search tool.

Reporting missed bins, damaged or stolen bins

Log a service request in our Log It / Fix It or contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390.

Bin placement responsibilities

Image of bins and a tree with information on bin services

I want to request new /additional bin services 

For all residential new and additional bin services please complete the Residential Waste and Recycling Services Application Form below.

Residential Waste and Recycling Services Application Form 

Please note this must be completed by the property owner or real estate, as the extra charges are added to the property rate account.

Multi unit dwellings with six or more unit applications should be completed by the Strata or Building Manager. See the Strata Managers and Unit Development webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What goes in my general waste bin

    Place only the following items in your general waste bin:

    • Soft plastics, plastic bags, cling wrap, plastic wrappers, bubble wrap.
    • Food scraps.
    • Styrofoam/polystyrene.
    • Broken glass ( wrapped in paper).
    • Ceramics.
    • Nappies.
    • Damaged clothing /shoes if unable to donate or upcycle.
  • What goes in my recycle bin

    Only the following items can be placed into your recycle bin:

    • Plastic containers, (empty and clean) margarine tubs, yoghurt tubs, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles,takeaway food containers.
    • Soft drink and water bottles.
    • Glass jars and bottles.
    • Aluminium, beer and soft drink cans, aluminium foil scrunched into 5cm ball, coffee, Milo, formula tins.
    • Paper (not shredded) , envelopes, glossy magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper (not foil).
    • Fruit juice and milk cartons (not silver lined).
    • Cardboard (flattened), cereal boxes (remove plastic bag), egg cartons, greeting cards, paper towel (roll only), toilet paper (roll only).
    • Steel, food cans, beer bottle tops, jar lids.
  • What goes in my garden organics bin

    Only the following items can be placed into the garden organics bin:

    • Grass clippings.
    • Leave/twigs.
    • Small branches.
    • Flowers.
    • Weeds and pruning's (must not exceed 1m long and 15cm wide).
  • Special waste services for larger families / Medical conditions

    Additional or larger general waste bins or additional 120L waste bin can be requested for:

    • Large families (i.e. four or more dependent children).

    • Medical conditions.

    The following form must be completed: 

    Special Residential Larger Waste Bin Form

    Proof of circumstance is required with the application, as follows:

    • Medicare Cards for large families (showing all family members).

    • Medical Certificate for medical conditions.

  • What time should my bins be collected?

    Waste collection services are essential services and work under specific safety guidelines. Waste services happen early in the morning to avoid:

    • Heavy traffic.
    • Pedestrians.
    • Other on-site activities.
    • Parking.
    • Collection in and around school zones.

    Waste collection services begin from 6.00am in most of the Georges River Local Government Area. Some streets have earlier collections between 4.00am - 6.00am to follow the safety guidelines.

    Reverse beeping or an equivalent warning system is compulsory under Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

  • When should I place my bins out for collection

    Your bin(s) should be placed on the kerbside the night before the day of the collection.

    Check your collection day by visiting the My Waste Collection Dates page and inserting your property address.

  • Will my bins still be collected on Public Holidays?

    Bins are still collected if the collection day falls on a Public Holiday.

    Bin collections start earlier on Public Holidays. This is due to the limited opening hours at the Resource Recovery Centre.

  • What do the recycling symbols on plastic mean?

    The numbers refer to the type of plastic and not used as a recycle guide for the kerbside recycle bin(s).

    The (ARL) Australian Recycling Label has been created to assist consumers on what packaging can be recycled. For more information on how the ARL works please visit Recycling Near You.

    To find out what is accepted in your kerbside recycle bin, view the drop down item for What goes in my recycle bin.

  • I have received a tag on my bin, what is this for?

    The red bin tags are to show that incorrect items are in the recycle bin. The item should be removed and placed into the correct bin.

    The tag will provide information on what the incorrect item is. The tags are for educational purposes only.

    For more information on what is accepted into the recycle bin see What Goes in my Recycle Bin.

    If the item is not accepted in the household bins see the A-Z of Recycling Guide for more options on recycling household items.

    The green tags are to show the property is recycling correctly.

  • Where does my waste go?

    General Waste bin is collected and the contents are sent to the Veolia MBT (Mechanical and Biological Treatment facility)  This facility separates the organic material diverting this material from landfill.

    Recycling is collected and sent to Veolia at Springfarm where the items are sorted through the machinery. They are separated into:

    • Paper sent to Visy Recycling.
    • Plastics exported to overseas markets.
    • Aluminium and steel sent to SIMS Metal.
    • Glass collected from process is sent to Suez Glass Facility.

    Garden organics are sent to Lucas Heights where the waste is composted.


  • Bin collection delays in extreme weather events
    In instances of extreme weather such as high winds and heavy rain there maybe delays in the collections of the kerbside bins. If it is safe to do so please leave the bins out and these will be collected at a later time.

    Please note that high winds can cause bins to fly around, if this is the case please remove the bins from the kerbside as soon as collection has occurred. 

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