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28 and 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay


28 and 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay.


Georges River Council.

Planning Proposal

Amend the Georges River LEP 2021 to amend the listing of Heritage Item No. I208 (‘House and front garden, “Bayview”) at 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay, by:

  • a. Revising the item name from ‘House and front garden, “Bayview”’ to ‘“Bayview” house and garden, boat shed, garage and summerhouse’ in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage.

  • b. Revising the address from ‘28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay’ to ‘28 and 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay’ in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage.

  • c. Revising the property description to include both Lots 21 and 22 in Section 15 of Deposited Plan (DP) 1963 in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage.

  • d. Updating the Heritage Map to reflect the above changes.

​The objective of the Planning Proposal is to include both 28 and 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay as a local heritage item to retain the original design intent, and protect the curtilage, setting, significant fabric and landscaped features, as well as physical and visual relationships, so that both lots can be managed and protected as a single heritage item.

Council is authorised to be the local plan-making authority for the Planning Proposal.


Considered by the Local Planning Panel on Thursday 17 August 2023.

On Monday 25 September 2023, Council resolved to forward the Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) for a Gateway Determination.

The Planning Proposal was forwarded to the DPE for a Gateway Determination on Friday 29 September 2023.

A Gateway Determination was received on Monday 9 October 2023.

The Planning Proposal was exhibited from 1 November - 1 December 2023. Further details are available on Council’s Your Say Page

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