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Amendments to Georges River LEP 2021

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a legal document which controls land use and development in a local government area. A LEP contains information such as land use zones, building heights, heritage items and local conditions, such as landscaping.

The Georges River LEP (GRLEP) 2021 came into effect on 8 October 2021 and applies to land within the Georges River local government area, as per the GRLEP 2021 Land Application Map.

The following is a list of amendments to the GRLEP 2021.

Amendment No.


Address / Applicability

Date Made


Amend the Floor Space Ratio for the site from 0.55:1 to 1:1 as reflected in the gazetted Hurstville LEP 2012 (Amendment No. 14).

12-14 Pindari Road, Peakhurst Heights 

18 March 2022


Rectify a typographical error within Clause 4.4A (Exceptions to floor space ratio – certain residential accommodation) to ensure an appropriate built form is achieved through the maximum Floor Space Ratio development standard and to ensure consistency with the intent of the Georges River LEP planning proposal.

Georges River LGA

18 March 2022


Add the site as a local heritage item in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage.

80 Boronia Parade, Lugarno

23 September 2022


Insert a local provision to increase the height and floor area for a residential care facility on the site with a maximum building height ranging from 12m, 14m and 16.9m and a maximum Floor Space Ratio of 1.6:1.

53A-59A Gloucester Road, Hurstville

7 October 2022


Permit residential flat buildings on part of the site by identifying it as “Area A” on the Additional Permitted Uses Map and excluding the application of Clause 6.13 Development in certain business zones.

9 Gloucester Road, Hurstville

25 November 2022


The following amendments to enable the future redevelopment of the existing Hurstville Civic Precinct for a mixed use civic, cultural, commercial and residential destination:

  • Rezone the site to MU1 Mixed Use.
  • Increase height to 20m, 30m and 60m.
  • Increase FSR to 3:1, 5:1 and 7:1.
  • Reclassify 4-6 Dora St to operational land.
  • Retain the heritage item (Hurstville Museum and Gallery) by including it on the heritage map and within Schedule 5 (Environmental heritage). 
  • Identify 2 Patrick Street (Lots A and B in DP 389008) and part Patrick Street Road Reserve (4 MacMahon Street (Lot 1 in DP 1280799 - to the centreline)) as Area B on the Additional Permitted Uses Map and permit the use of 'residential flat buildings' via Schedule 1 - Additional Permitted Uses.
  • Exclude the application of Clause 6.13 - Development in Zones E1 and MU1 to Area B.
  • Introduce a local provision to allow community facilities and public benefits on the site, including a minimum floor area for community uses and minimum sunlight to the Civic Plaza.

Hurstville Civic Precinct

27 October 2023


Map Amendment No. 3 amends the GRLEP 2021 maps to:

  • Rezone the site from part SP2 Infrastructure (Public Administration) and part R2 Low Density Residential to R4 High Density Residential;
  • Introduce a maximum floor space ratio (FSR) of 1:4:1;
  • Introduce a maximum building height of 16m; and
  • Introduce a 1,000sqm minimum lot size.
143 Stoney Creek Road, Beverly Hills 10 May 2024

Amend the listing of Heritage Item No. I208 to include 28 and 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay (Lots 21 and 22, Section 15, DP 1963) as a local heritage item in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage, House, garden, boatshed, garage and summerhouse, “Bayview”.

28 and 28A Carlton Crescent, Kogarah Bay 28 March 2024

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