Pedestrian Safety

As a pedestrian on the road it is important to always stay alert of your surroundings and take care when travelling along or near roads.

Look Out Before You Step Out

This is a campaign that aims to improve pedestrian safety by installing a message within the community of before you cross the road always look and make sure it is say to do so before steeping out on the road. As well as when crossing the road make sure you are aware of your surrounding and make you’re concentrating as anything can happen.

This campaign is done through Georges River Council installing stencil down at pedestrian crossing and high pedestrian areas within the local government area.

Pedestrian safety tips:

  • Always look before you cross the road to ensure that it is safe to do so.
  • Make sure you take your earphones out around and put your phone away when you are around roads and crossing at any stage.
  • Never assume that the vehicle can see you or will stop for you, make sure you wait till all vehicles have stopped before attempting to cross the road.
  • At intersections make sure you check for turning vehicles before leaving the kerb and always check while crossing the road to ensure your safety.
  • Avoid crossing the road between parked cars or at the front or back of large vehicles and buses.
  • Wear light and bright coloured clothing especially at night or in reduced visibility conditions to make it easier or vehicles to be able to see you.
  • Always use pedestrian crossings when they are available.
  • When at traffic lights don’t cross when vehicles are still moving through the crossing, wait for the walk signal and don’t walk when the red walk signal shows.


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