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Child Restraints and Seatbelts

Child Restraints

We provide our community free child car restraint checking days throughout the year. An authorised fitter can install and check child restraints, harnesses and booster seats. 

This service is for residents in the Georges River Local Government area only and there may be a small cost if the fitter is required to use special parts to fit the seat. 

For more information please visit Child car seats | Transport for NSW.


Bookings are essential. Please book via the button below.

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Bookings are essential and are strictly limited.

Any enquiries, please contact Council's Road Safety Officer via email at or call (02) 9330 6400.


In NSW since 1972, the law requires drivers and passengers of motor vehicles to wear a seatbelt. Each year there is an average of 30 drivers and passengers killed and 220 injured because a seat belt was not worn. These deaths and injuries could have been prevented if seatbelts had been worn.

All occupants of a motor vehicle by law in Australia must be wearing a seatbelt whilst in a motor vehicle while in motion or stationary but not while the motor vehicle is parked.

It is up to the driver to ensure all passengers are wearing a seatbelt whilst in the motor vehicle. All passengers must be occupying a seat with a dedicated seatbelt.

Seatbelts play an important part in safety within a motor vehicle as they:

  • spread the force of the impact over the stronger part of your body (if in an accident).
  • prevent the collision with the interior part of the vehicle.
  • stop the passenger from being ejected from the vehicle.
  • seatbelts work with airbags to protect the occupants of vehicle.
  • decrease the time of an occupant moving forward on impact.
For more information please visit the Centre for Road Safety.

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