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Child Road Safety Initiative - Hold My Hand

We have joined with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation and the University of NSW (Transport and Road Safety Research Centre). The aim is to assess child pedestrian safety around local childcare centres within the Georges River Local Government Area (GR LGA).
Education will be provided so that the number of accidents continue to decrease. This needs to occur from a very young age and to new parents and carers. Everyone needs to know the importance of child safety and the prevention of road trauma. Thus, this project with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation, will raise awareness of child safety around vehicles.

About the study

The study will take place across 10 childcare centres within the GR LGA. We have listed what this would involve below.

  • A pre-survey of attitudes about child pedestrian road safety.

  • Community awareness/educational resources to preschools and after school care facilities.

  • A post-survey of attitudes to child pedestrian road safety to gauge the impact of the project.

At the end of the project, the awareness and educational materials will remain at the centres.

The results will be available on the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation website at the end of the year.

Why is this initiative important?

The Australian Road Deaths Database outlines the following:

  • Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for Australian children aged 1 to 14.

  • From 2013 to January 2023, 587 children aged 0-16 years were in a road fatality crash. 22% of these fatalities occurring when the child was a pedestrian or a cyclist.

  • On average, one child per week dies in Australia this way, and it is preventable.


What can you do to increase child pedestrian safety?

  • We know it is vital for children to wear a seatbelt when in a vehicle. It is also important for children to practice safe behaviour as pedestrians. Especially around cars on our roads.

  • Children under 10 need to hold an adult’s hand when near a busy road. Keep reminding children over 10 about the importance of being attentive near roads.

  • Parents should talk to their children about road safety. We also need to be aware that it is as important as adults to be aware and vigilant. Children are still developing the ability to identify safe crossings and driver behaviour.
  • Be cautious when on holiday or in new environments. Particularly around areas of high pedestrian and vehicular activity. Road crashes take only a microsecond to happen.

  • Speed is one of the greatest contributors to fatalities on our roads. The risk of death or serious injury is higher for children, even at very low speeds.

  • Drivers should be on high alert for the safety of young pedestrians. Child pedestrians can be unpredictable. Their smaller size also makes them harder for drivers to see.
  • Drivers need to slow down around busy areas. They need to be extra attentive when parking and crossing driveways.


Participating childcare facilities

Childcare Facility Location
Rise and Shine Kindergarten Kogarah Beverley Park
Rise and Shine Kindergarten Carlton
St George Bank Child Care Centre Kogarah
Jenny's Kindergarten Riverwood
Ocean Street Kindergarten Kogarah
Jack High Child Care Centre Beverly Hills  
Oatley West Early Learning Centre Oatley
South Hurstville Kindergarten South Hurstville
Penshurst Long Day Care Penshurst
Carss Park Narani Childcare Centre Carss Park

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