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Hurstville 'Heart of the City' Place Strategy

Hurstville has been recognised as a critical part of Sydney’s long-term development as it has been identified as a Strategic Centre in the South District Plan The Plan identifies significant job targets for Hurstville most of which are likely to be accommodated in the City Centre. 

The Hurstville 'Heart of the City' Place Strategy is an ambitious plan to enhance the Hurstville City Centre, empowering it to reach its full potential. It provides residents, workers, investors and Council with a set of actions that support the existing character, while working towards an exciting and innovative shared vision. This Place Strategy will assist in accommodating these additional jobs by supporting and enabling the City Centre's position as an attractive, well functioning and economically viable location for investment and workers. This is in addition to Council proactively addressing the office floor space shortfall in the Hurstville City Centre.

The Strategy highlights 12 key priority projects to achieve the vision and desired outcomes for Hurstville. Each priority project is supported by short, medium and long term actions, measurement and evaluation criteria.

A key recommendation of the Place Strategy and the Hurstville Urban Design Strategy is to revitalise the area from Palm Court Car Park along Forest Road including Memorial Square and through to MacMahon Street courtyard. A key feature of this project is to transform the current Palm Court Car Park into open space and MacMahon Street courtyard outside Hurstville House, to be transformed into more usable and attractive public space. 

Council has progressed with the Hurstville Revitalisation project and has been successful in grant funding from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environments Public Spaces Legacy program.

This funding is for stage one, Palm Court and MacMahon Courtyard, of the Revitalisation project and will see the increase of open space, greenery and public amenity in the city centre. To support this project, neighbouring Treacy Street will also be upgraded to increase parking and improve streetscape. View the plan here.

View the concept designs for the Hurstville Revitalisation Project here.


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