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Mayoral Column – Kogarah a place of innovation and growth.


Georges River is a rich tapestry of natural beauty and diverse precincts where community, nature and culture are woven into the fabric of everyday life. Georges River Council prioritises connection, in how we live, learn, work and play. We are Sydney’s Connected Community. 
“Kogarah aspires to become recognised as a unique business location for health and medical research, education, collaboration and innovation”. (Kogarah Investment Strategy).
Kogarah is home to public and private hospitals, schools and education facilities with a library, university and TAFE presence and active transport routes that connect Kogarah Bay and a premium multipurpose stadium. It is positioned as a future transport hub to connect Georges River to Greater Sydney and beyond.
These conditions create an optimal foundation for Kogarah to continue to grow as a thriving strategic centre.
Creating a precinct is more than just physical infrastructure; it is about fostering an ecosystem of talent and opportunities. The Kogarah Place and Investment Strategy leverages its current industry profile to incentivise anchor businesses and institutions to invest into the region. These anchors are often leaders within their respective sectors and drive economic growth, create new employment opportunities, and contribute to the overall vitality of a region. How we develop these incentives is by creating a compelling vision.
Masterplans are an important tool to implement the vision by providing a strategic framework that considers everything from transport and housing to business services and community facilities.
We currently are advocating for the State Government to embrace our vision of Kogarah as a strategic centre by dedicating appropriate funding to prepare a masterplan that connects community and business together. We all need to invest in a brighter future and Council is committed to promoting the identity of Kogarah as a place for innovation and growth.
Our long-term visions are complemented by a range of innovative and practical projects we are leading in Kogarah.
In a recent episode of the well-loved TV program, Gardening Australia, Georges River Council were highlighted as a leader in sustainable design. Council was showcased through our innovative Foreshore Project to reclaim a concrete sea wall by reintroducing saltmarsh, mangrove, and intertidal rock platform habitats in Kogarah Bay, Carss Park. Five years on, this project has increased how our community interacts with our revitalised marine environment through discovering sea life at our toes, and finding different nooks and pathways that connect us to nature.
Our community embraces the outdoors and thrives on connecting with each other in the public domain. When we felt at our most isolated because of the COVID19 lockdowns, Georges River Council responded by developing different initiatives help us come together and find inspiration locally. In 2021, the inaugural un[contained] arts festival took to Belgrave St and provided a space to explore artworks after dark and was nominated for the Best Arts Festival in the Australian Street Art Awards. Today it continues as a loved festival and has since doubled in attendance, becoming a destination for new and frequent visitors alike. The next edition of un[contained] is coming to Kogarah in July this year.
As we advocate for the transformative River Rail – a train line from Kogarah to Parramatta – we are exploring how we can enhance our active transport routes and create healthier lifestyles. Our paths and streets are promoted for people. By changing how we move through our city – walking, running, cycling, and scootering – allows us to understand the details of our streets, the way only a local can, and connect to our community. In the first month of the escooter trial there were over 2,000 trips in Kogarah with many businesses requesting parking for the scooters outside their shops and businesses. Whilst change can be challenging, we are finding new ways to embrace our curiosity and experiencing the benefits.
Change can be achieved if it is championed from a local level. I encourage you to actively contribute to change through positively connecting with projects, places, and people in your local neighborhood.
In Georges River, we a creating a culture of connection. We are Sydney’s Connected Community.