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Businesses within the Georges River Council are permissible to apply for an A-frame advertising board to be placed outside their premises to further promote their business. 

Conditions of Consent 

Advertising signboards are permitted on footpaths in all areas, where the signs comply with the requirements of Local Approval Policy.
  • The advertising board is a free standing A-frame with maximum dimensions of 1.1m high and 650mm wide
  • All signs must be portable, free-standing, stable, windproof and of high quality.
  •  Signs must only be displayed during approved trading hours and are to be removed at the close of business.
  • The Licensee is to provide to Council, on an annual basis, a copy of their Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20 million) indemnifying Georges River Council
  • The signs have no protrusions, no sharp corners and are stable
  • There is a minimum of 2 metres clearance to any other obstructions on the footpath such as poles, litter bins, seats, etc with a 600mm setback from the face of the kerb
  • A-frames will only be permitted in front of licensee premises near the kerb side of the footpath
  • The sign is to be in English, or have a translation in English of equal weight
  • The business and proprietor’s names are to be clearly marked on the sign
  • All signs must display a current Approved Sign/Stand sticker (under development).
  • Fees are paid to Council upon applying
  • Council reserves the right to remove unlicensed and/or dangerous boards or those with offensive advertisements, or those placed in contradiction to approved location.
Note: Applications for A-frames may be rejected pending the volume of other approved footpath licences in the area, the current activity on the footpath, including pedestrian traffic and the likelihood of maintaining a safe pedestrian zone.

Apply online for an A-Frame.

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