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Resources and Fact Sheets


Food Safety & COVID-19 Food Safety and COVID-19
Food Safety and COVID-19 - Chinese Translation
Mobile Food and Drink Outlets Temporary Changes COVID-19                                       
Food Safety at Home COVID-19
NSW Health - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources
NSW Health - COVID-19 Translated Resources
Noise & COVID-19 Noise - Temporary Change COVID-19


Environmental Management

Air Pollution  Local Air Pollution
Odour From Home Cooking                                                                                                                                    
Contaminated Land / Acid Sulfate             Acid Sulfate Soils
Noise Preventing Neighbourhood Noise



Retail Food Premises Retail Premises Trading and Operating Hours
Retail Premises Trading and Operating Hours - Chinese Translation 
Food Safety - Kombucha
Cockroaches in Food Premises
NSW Food Authority - 4-Hour / 2-Hour Rule
NSW Food Authority - Be Prepared. Be Allergy Aware
NSW Food Authority - Cleaning and Sanitising
NSW Food Authority - Cook Food Thoroughly
NSW Food Authority – Cooling Potentially Hazardous Food
NSW Food Authority – Declaring Allergens
NSW Food Authority – Donating Food to Charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations
NSW Food Authority – Doner Kebabs
NSW Food Authority – Food Grade Packaging
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety for Caterers
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety for Takeaway Chicken Shops
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety Guidelines for the Preparation and Display of Sushi
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety Guidelines for the Preparation & Display of Sushi (Japanese)
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety Guidelines for the Preparation & Display of Sushi (Korean)
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety Requirements for Charitable, Not-For-Profit Organisations
NSW Food Authority – Food Safety Tips for Childcare Centres
Home Based Food Business Home Based Food Business
FoodBorne Illnesses NSW Health - Campylobacteriosis
NSW Health - Botulism
NSW Health - Listeriosis
NSW Health - Norovirus
NSW Health - Salmonellosis
NSW Food Authority - Ciguatera Poisoning


Public Health

Cooling Towers &
Warm Water Systems
Cooling Water Systems - Legionnaires Disease
NSW Health - Legionnaires Disease
Hairdressers, Barbers &           
Beauty Salons
NSW Health - Beauty Treatment – Hygiene Standards
NSW Health - Cleaning and Disinfection of Foot Spas
NSW Health - Hairdressing and Barbers – Hygiene Standards
NSW Health - Nail Treatment (Manicures and Pedicures) – Hygiene Standards
NSW Health - Waxing – Hygiene Standards
Sewer Overflow Sewer Overflow
Skin Penetration Premises Skin Penetration 
NSW Health - Body Piercing – Hygiene Requirements
NSW Health - Control of Skin Penetration Procedures
NSW Health - Tattooing and Other Body Art – Hygiene Standards
NSW Health - How to Sterilize Your Instruments & Comply With the Public Health Regulations 2012
Swimming Pools Swimming Pool Health
NSW Health - Cryptosporidiosis
NSW Health - Naegleria Fowleri
Unhealthy Land Rodents
NSW Health - Mosquitoes - Ross River Fever
NSW Health - Petting Zoos and Personal Hygiene
Intrusive Lighting Intrusive Lighting


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