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Suspected Corrupt Conduct Form



Things you need to know before you make this complaint

  • This form is to be used for suspected corrupt conduct only, and not general / other complaints.
  • Before making a complaint regarding suspected corrupt conduct, refer to What is Corrupt Conduct? The full definition is also contained in sections 7, 8 and 9 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 (ICAC Act).
  • Complaints about suspected corrupt conduct should only be made where it involves or affects a Council public official, which may include the Mayor, Councillors, employees of Council, members of Council Committees and any other person who carries out public official functions on behalf of Council. The full definition of public official is provided in section 3 of the ICAC Act.
  • Council takes complaints of suspected corrupt conduct very seriously.
  • Once your complaint is received it will be forwarded to the Complaints Coordinator and Chief Audit Executive, for consideration.
  • Council aims to treat all information received and all sources of information confidentially, however in some cases this may not be possible, for example if we are required to notify an oversight agency such as ICAC.


*Mandatory fields. These fields have to be completed in order to submit the form.

Part 1 - Report

Names and positions of public official/s.

What are the names and positions (if known) of the public official/s you believe is/are acting corruptly?

If you do not know the name or position, please enter ‘not known’ in the “Name” field below.



Do you want to report more names and positions of public official/s?:


You answered the question above as 'Yes'. You can add up to 2 more names. Please remember that adding additional parties is optional.



Private citizens or companies

If you believe there are any private citizens or companies also involved, please provide their name(s), any contact details, or other relevant details you may have.

Do you want to add more citizens/companies?:









Summary of the matter:

For guidance about what to include, refer to  'What is Corrupt Conduct?'
(Specific date or time period)

Part 2 – Other People and Documents

When Council assesses the information you provide about suspected corrupt conduct, it can assist to also have details of any people who could support or verify your information. Similarly, providing us with copies of relevant documents can be of assistance. If you choose to provide documents, please outline how and why those documents support your concerns.

Other people

Are you making this complaint on behalf of somebody else?:

Provide details, such as name, contact details and any other relevant information:


Are there any other people who know about this matter who could assist Council?:
Provide details, such as name, contact details and any other relevant information:

Do they know that you are reporting the matter to Council?:

Are there any other relevant details?:
Provide details and any other relevant information:



Please attach any relevant documents that you may have. Browse below to attach documents.


Maximum size of the attachment must not exceed 9 MB. If the attachment size is more than 9 MB, please provide to Council by one of the following means:

In person
Attention: The Disclosures Coordinator
Georges River Council Corner MacMahon and Dora Streets, Hurstville


By Post
Attention: The Disclosures Coordinator
Georges River Council, PO Box 205 Hurstville BC NSW 1481


By Email
Attention: The Disclosures Coordinator
Please put your full name in subject line.



In addition to any documents you have attached or will provide to Council, do you know of any documents which might be relevant to this matter?:


Part 3 – Personal Details

It is not mandatory to provide us with your personal details. Council accepts anonymous reports. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, bear in mind that Council will not be able to advise you of the outcome of the matter, nor will it be able to verify details with you or obtain any further, clarifying information from you.

If you wish to obtain more information, please call the Complaints Coordinator or Internal Auditor on 9330 6400.







Preferred method of contact:
Preferred Method Of Contact

Part 4 – Review and Submit
Security code:

Before submitting, please review your response to the online corruption report form. To retain a copy you should save or print your report before submitting.

Privacy Notice:

Georges River Council is required under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 to collect, maintain and use your personal information in accordance with Privacy Principles. The information provided on this form (including personal information) may be used to assess and investigate suspected fraud or corrupt conduct. Council may also be required by law to report this information to external agencies, including the Police, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the NSW Ombudsman and the Office of Local Government.


Thank you for reporting this issue.


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