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The Heroines

Dragon's Lair Gallery
25 November 2022 – 23 January 2023

The Heroines consists of a series of oil paintings featuring fictional female characters, where each of them reflects a different mood and atmosphere.

Noor believes that female characters in media and art have always inspired and influenced the way women view themselves and the world around them. The heroines in the paintings are figments of the artist's imagination that aim to capture some of the beauty and grace of womankind.

This exhibition is a manifestation of the artist's desire for self-expression and the attempt to use imagination to escape the monotony of everyday life.

View Noor's blog post to read about her work and her artistic process.

Events: The opening of this exhibition was held on Sunday 27 November 2022, 2.30pm. 

Image: Adventure under the sun, oil painting, Noor Alhooda Shadood, 2022 (detail).

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