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Penalty Notices (Fines)

Penalty Notices are monetary penalties given to a person for breaking a law. Penalty notices can be issued by councils for a number of legislative breaches including parking, public health and pollution incidents. Parking penalty notices can be left on a vehicle or posted.

  • Paying a penalty notice
    If you have received a penalty notice, you generally have 21 days in which to pay. Council is unable to accept payment for penalty notices as Revenue NSW is responsible for the processing of penalty notices and may commence recovery action where those penalty notices are not paid. Payment options can be located on the reverse side of the Notice or on the Revenue NSW web site.

    If you were not the person responsible for the vehicle at the time of the penalty notice, you may nominate the responsible person.  
  • Photos
    If you have received a penalty notice, you may be able to view the image if there has been one attached at Revenue NSW under myPenalty, otherwise you may lodge a request to be emailed an image here. In each case you will need the penalty notice number and the date of the offence. Viewing the photographs of the offence may help assist in choosing what action to take to resolve your penalty notice.
  • Penalty notice reviews
    If you believe that there has been a genuine error or there were extenuating circumstances that may have created the situation that led to a penalty notice being issued, then you may Request a review through Revenue NSW. Council does not conduct internal reviews of correctly issued penalty notices.

    To ensure a consistent and transparent review process, all requests for review should be directed to Revenue NSW, any requests for review received directly by council will be forward onto revenue NSW.

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