Consultation for Council’s Community Strategic Plan has made it clear that our residents value trees and green spaces and want Council to be an environmental leader. As such, our vision at Council is for a local government area which prioritises the protection of trees due to their ecological, aesthetic, social and economic contribution to our lifestyle.

Tree Benefits

Trees are an important contributor to the character of much of the Georges River area, attracting visitors and property buyers.

They are increasingly important in our ever-urbanising environment, providing shade and significantly cooling temperatures, reducing the urban heat-island effect, where temperatures remain warmer longer due to the prevalence of heat-absorbing surfaces such as roads and roofs.

Council has comprehensive tree management processes in place, including an over-arching Tree Management Policy and the relevant sections of Council's Development Control Plans (DCPs) accessed here:

Tree Pruning

If you want to prune or remove a tree on private land, by law, you will need to obtain a Tree Management Permit unless the works to the tree are classified as exempt in Section 2.2. of the Tree Management Policy.
If the tree is a heritage item or associated with a heritage property, you will need Development Consent. To find out if your property or tree has heritage classification, view Council's Local Environment Plan/s.

Note: It is recommended to consult Council prior to conducting works on trees even if they are exempt works or undesirable species. Persons that carry out works to exempt trees are encouraged to keep suitable evidence to prove the condition of the tree and the works undertaken in the event of a subsequent inspection by Council.

Undesirable Species in Georges River Council

Botanical Name Common Name 
Bambusa spp  Bamboo
Syagrus romanzoffianum Cocos Palm
Erythrina x sykesii Coral Tree
Ficus elastica Rubber Tree
Grevillea robusta Silky Oak
Nerium oleander Oleander
Populus nigra 'Italica' Lombardy Poplar
Salix babylonica Common Willow
Schefflera actinophylla Umbrella Tree
Ligustrum spp Privet
Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heaven
Olea europoea spp. africana Wild Olive/African Olive
Cupressus x leylandii Leighton Green
Gleditsia trinophylla Honey Locust
Morus nigra Black Mulberry
Toxicodendron spp Rhus Tree
Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle

If you wish to notify us of a tree on Council land which requires pruning, please complete a Request for Service.

Read more about tree management in Georges River in our Tree Management Policy

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