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Traffic Modelling Report - Kogarah Local Environmental Plan Rezoning

The amendment to the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 – New City Plan (the 'New City Plan') was gazetted on 26 May 2017.

The New City Plan included a number of changes to provide options for additional housing opportunities to meet the future needs of our community, including changes to zones, building heights and floor space ratios (FSR).

During the consultation for the New City Plan, the former Kogarah Council received submissions from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). In response to these submissions, a Strategic Traffic and Transport Assessment was prepared to identify the impact of the proposed changes by the New City Plan, in particular the impact of the proposed uplift on the regional road network.

TfNSW raised concerns that Council's Assessment did not include an assessment of potential impacts of the additional traffic on the State road network, recommendations for mitigation measures, or methods for implementing the recommendations, such as development contributions.

In August 2018, Council engaged Cardno to prepare a Traffic Modelling Report (the 'Report').

The Report focuses on six precincts where their land zoning changed in the New City Plan. These precincts are:

  1. Kogarah Town Centre and Kogarah North;
  2. Princes Highway, Carlton Precinct – B6 Enterprise Corridor;
  3. South Hurstville Centre Precinct;
  4. Ramsgate Precinct;
  5. Blakehurst Precinct; and
  6. Blakehurst Waterfront Precinct.

The Report is an addendum to the previous Strategic Traffic and Transport Assessment prepared by the former Kogarah Council.

In summary, the Report recommends that improvements are required to a number of intersections within the six precincts. The proposed works that affect local roads will be included in the Development Contributions Plan being prepared by Council. The recommendations relating to State roads will be referred to TfNSW for action.

On 28 September 2020, Council adopted the Traffic Modelling Report - Kogarah Local Environmental Plan Rezoning. Refer to the Council resolution here.

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