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Council update on status of Kempt Field in Allawah

Public Notices 26/06/2023

Update (Monday 26 June 2023) 

Georges River Council has closed parts of Kempt Field in Allawah after geotechnical investigations revealed subsidence issues and the presence of contaminants linked to the site’s previous use as a landfill prior to ownership by the NSW Government and management by Council.

Contaminants found on parts of the site, and which have been reported to the EPA include:

  • Methane gas and asbestos containing material in soils.

  • Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) ammonia, total recoverable hydrocarbons, polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, perfluoro octane sulphonate, various heavy metals and Chlorobenzene and dissolved methane in groundwater.

Impacted areas of the site remain closed to the public and have been fenced off, with warning signage erected as required by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), while further investigations and remediation work is undertaken.

The site is owned by the NSW Government and Georges River Council is responsible for its care, control and management.


Original Notice (Monday 8 May 2023)

Council continues to meet with NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPIE) to establish the condition of Kempt Field. Consultants engaged by DPIE are investigating and monitoring subsidence and contamination at the site. This will determine the long-term management of the site and usability by the community.

A meeting was held on 27 April 2023 to discuss the development of a Communication Plan by DPIE. This aims to inform the community of current site concerns, ongoing management plans, and future remediation actions. DPIE agreed to the development of this plan and will provide Council with information as it progresses.

Council continues to close a section of the site to mitigate safety concerns to the community. The fencing is regularly inspected to minimise unsanctioned ingress by community members. Council is preparing an Asbestos Management Plan for the site. Council is investigating further measures to ensure community safety until rectification measures are developed and actioned by DPIE.

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