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Bushcare Corporate Program

About the program

Georges River Council’s Bushcare corporate program fosters partnerships between the community, government and business to better manage Council’s natural assets. Corporate volunteers from companies are placed at project sites within the Georges River Council Local Government Area (LGA) to participate in an environmental project for a specified timeframe. Corporate volunteers assist in planting thousands of native species, removing tonnes of weeds and cleaning up dozens of beaches, parks and reserves across our LGA.

Corporate groups pay a fee to cover all expenses on the day, such as seedlings, tree guards and protective equipment. All fees are cost recovery for the Bushcare program. Groups find the program a good opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues, utilise extra people power, attract new volunteers and educate the general public about local environmental issues.

Businesses have a great opportunity to improve the employee engagement by being part of something that is more than the work they undertake. Corporate volunteers leave their Corporate Environmental Volunteering day with a better understanding of biodiversity, their local area, and how their activities at home and work may be impacting on our fragile environment.

About our Bushcare Program

Georges River Council’s Bushcare Program has a vital role in protecting, restoring and sustaining the productivity and value of our natural environment.

By working closely with corporate partners, Georges River Council’s Bushcare program is able to support and fund projects across the whole LGA, ranging from sustainable land management to environmental education initiatives, revegetation and habitat restoration.

How to become a Corporate Volunteer

This table outlines the requirements of Georges River Council and the Corporate Volunteer Organisation.

We will provide

Location: We organise the project site, site preparation, equipment and permissions to undertake site work

Amenities: We ensure the project site is close to toilets, drinking water and preferably shelter. Any additional facilities and associated costs are the responsibility of the Corporate Volunteers Organisation

Availability: Typical events run between (9.00am to 3.00pm on a weekday. Our team will be available during agreed hours to manage the event, allowing time to also set up and pack up.

Activities and Tools: We will provide a variety of activities with varying degrees of difficulty to suit different skill sets. We will supply enough activities to occupy the group for the predetermined time frame. Activities often include bush regen, weeding, planting, mulching and litter collection. We will provide all required tools and equipment. Corporate Volunteers will not use any chemical or power tools as part of these events.

Safety and Supervision: Georges River Council will provide a safe and secure environment for on-ground works including a First Aid certified officer, a First Aid kit, completed Risk Assessment, safety briefing and all other relevant documentation.

Letter of Agreement & Payment: Prior to hosting an event, a Letter of Agreement must be in place between GRC and the CVO. This letter is an agreement regarding aspects such as payments, insurance, safety, and cancellations. GRC will invoice the CVO after each event.  Invoices will be itemised, including the number of confirmed participants.

You will provide

Transport to and from the site: The Corporate Volunteer Organisation is responsible for their transport to and from the event site.

Catering: The Corporate Volunteer Organisation is responsible for all food and beverage for the participants.

Participant confirmation and cancellations: You will confirm participant’s numbers with GRC at least five (5) working days before each event. You will pay an agreed rate, based on the group size of confirmed participants. Events can be rescheduled due to adverse weather.

Cancellation of an event: If a CVO cancels an event within ten (10) working days of an event, GRC will endeavour to recoup costs of the event for the Georges River Council Bushcare. Cost recuperation will be organised on a case-by-case basis, as determined by GRC.

Pricing Schedule

All cost associated with the program are cost recovery and used to put back into the Bushcare program.

Number of confirmed participants Price
Up to 10 $800
Up to 15 $1,200
Up to 20 $1,600
Up to 25 $2,000
Up to 30 $2,400

By using the form below, you can submit an expression of interest.

Proceed with filling Expression of Interest Form

Contact Information

For further enquires, questions or feedback, please contact our Bushcare team.

Phone: 9330 6468 

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