Council Strategies

Community Strategic Plan Engagement Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that Council’s Community Strategic Plan is developed in collaboration with our community, and remains a relevant document that reflects the aspirations, needs and priorities of the community. It outlines the methods of engagement that will be used to ensure all members of the Georges River Community are provided with an opportunity to share their thoughts on the development of the Community Strategic Plan and its review every four years.

Community Engagement Strategy

Georges River Council is committed to maintaining strong and positive relationships with the local community. Council is also committed to communicating with the community in an open and transparent way, whilst ensuring community members have effective methods to communicate with the organisation. It is these commitments that have formed the foundations of this Community Engagement Strategy.

The input of Georges River Council’s staff and members of the local community has gone into the development of this Strategy. This Strategy was also based on research into best practice for community engagement which included reviewing strategies used by other local government organisations.

  Customer Service Strategy

Our intention is to provide our customers with excellent, responsive and appropriate service delivery. The purpose of this Strategy is to provide a framework for building and embedding successful, appropriate and sustainable customer service delivery across Council. It details the actions we will complete over the next 2 years to continuously improve our customers’ experience.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Our Disability Inclusion Acton Plan 2017-2021 outlines how Council will be more inclusive for all people throughout the Local Government Area, including improved access to facilities, events and activities.

Economic Development Strategy

Georges River’s Economic Development Strategy highlights and builds on the economic and competitive advantages of doing or having a business in Georges River. Our centres are some of the most accessible in Sydney. Kogarah, for example, was recently ranked as the 16th most accessible centre in Greater Sydney[1].

Enterprise Risk Management Strategy

The Georges River Council Risk Management Strategy sets out Council’s response to strategic risks, which are those things that can inhibit our organisations ability to achieve our strategic objectives.

The effective implementation of this strategy will ensure that Council has the capability to minimise the risk to services and maximise our capacity to achieve our strategic goals. It is recognised that, to
be effective, risk management must become part of Council’s integrated corporate strategy, and business plans and everyday activities rather than operating in isolation.

Library Strategy 2017 - 2020

The Library Strategy lays the foundation for the future direction of the Georges River Libraries by identifying areas of focus, setting clear goals and putting plans in place to achieve them. This will ensure the Libraries have the right range of facilities, accessible services, opening hours, staff skills, staffing levels, policies and systems to fulfil the diverse needs of the community. This customer focused vision is fundamental to the ongoing success and relevance of the library. 

Property Asset Strategy and Business Plan

Council's Property Asset Strategy and Business Plan aligns Council's real assets to the Community Strategic Plan deliverables and manages the income generated from the property portfolio to secure the long term financial health of the organisation.

Events Strategy 2018 - 2020

The purpose of this Strategy is to define a framework for the strategic management of Council and community events for the greatest social, cultural, economic and environmental benefit to the Georges River community.

Resourcing Strategy 2018 - 2019

The Resourcing Strategy has been developed alongside our first-ever Community Strategic Plan, which is based on extensive community engagement during 2017. The Community Strategic Plan contains the community’s priorities and aspirations for the next 10 years, as well as the strategies for achieving these goals.


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