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You need to read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions before giving your Community Event information to us.

Terms and Conditions for listing community events on Council’s website

  1. Council’s What's On page is produced for the benefit of the community and presents a schedule of events and activities held within the Georges River local government area. 

  2. The purpose of the page is to raise awareness of community events and to assist the community in event promotion. 

  3. Events listed through the What’s On page must be open to the general public and have broad appeal to people from the local community as well as visitors to our area.

  4. The page is designed to enable anyone to submit event details to Council for inclusion.

  5. Whilst the page is for the purpose of community events it is not a comprehensive list of all events held within the Georges River local government area and relies entirely on information provided to Council by event organisers.


  1. Only events held within the Georges River local government area, or organised in partnership with Georges River Council are eligible to be hosted on the What’s On page.

  2. Any public events held in the Georges River local government area that have broad public appeal will be considered for listing except for:

                  a. Events that promote illegal, violent or anti-social behaviour 
                  b. Events containing slanderous, unlawful or offensive content 
                  c. Events that are sponsored by tobacco companies 
                  d. Events where attendance is prohibited or restricted based on but not limited to race, disability, sex, gender, cultural background or religion
                  e. Events of a personal nature 
                  f. Events that promote a political party
                  g. Events primarily designed to advertise a business or commercial activity (e.g. business advertisement)



  1. It is the responsibility of event organisers to notify Council of any changes to event information, particularly in the case of cancellation or postponement.

  2. Once the details of an event have been entered on the submission form, inclusion of the event on Council’s website will be at the discretion of Council staff in line with the eligibility criteria listed in these terms and conditions. Council reserves the right to make final decisions on the publishing and advertising of any event on its website, including the right to decline any requests to advertise an event which it deems not to be in the best interests of the community, does not follow the eligibility requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions, or contradicts Council’s vision, values and/or policies.

  3. Council will endeavour to approve and publish all submitted events within 2 business days. Council recommends that event organisers submit submission form/s at least one week prior to the starting date of any event/s.

  4. Council does not take responsibility for inaccuracies or missing information. Event organisers are required to publicly provide a point of contact and be available to answer enquiries. 

  5. Council will not use any personal information provided through the events page for any purpose other than administration and promotion of the event and the page. 


  1. Council holds no responsibility for non-Council events posted on the page, nor does it endorse the activities of external individuals, groups, organisations or businesses posting information on the site. 

  2. Whilst Council endeavours to ensure that event information is current and accurate, anyone who accesses information provided on the page is strongly recommended to contact event organisers to confirm details. This is particularly the case for events which may be affected by adverse weather. Council is unable to provide further information on any non-Council events listed in the page. Any queries related to non-Council events are to be directed to the point of contact listed for the event.

  3. If you locate any entries or material on this page that you deem inappropriate please contact Council at

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