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The Metropolis of Three Cities

The NSW Government’s’ Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities identifies the Georges River LGA within the South District and the Eastern Harbour City.

The Plan identifies Hurstville and Kogarah as strategic centres .These centres have unique attributes and a growing role to play in the economy of Greater Sydney.

The District Plan’s vison will be met by:

  • Supporting the growth of the Kogarah Health and Education Precinct and the Hurstville Strategic Centre and other important centres within the Georges River LGA,

  • Retaining industrial and urban services land and freight routes,

  • Optimising the area’s locational advantages to the Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport, Port Botany, the Illawarra and Port Kembla, and

  • Sustaining vibrant public places, walking, cycling and cultural and tourism assets.  


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