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Amendments to Kogarah LEP 2012

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a legal document which controls land use and development in a local government area. A LEP contains information such as land use zones, building heights, heritage items and local conditions, such as landscaping.

Prior to 8 October 2021, the Kogarah LEP (KLEP) 2012 had applied to the Kogarah Bay and Blakehurst Wards. 

The following is a list of amendments to the KLEP 2012:
Amendment No. Amendment Address/Applicability Date Made
1 Address inconsistencies that occurred when the KLEP 1998 was translated into the KLEP 2012.  Former Kogarah LGA  22 November 2013
2 Known as the Kogarah New City Plan, it included a number of changes to provide options for additional housing opportunities to meet the future needs of our community, including changes to zones, building heights and floor space ratios (FSR).  Former Kogarah LGA 26 May 2017
3 Corrected errors resulting from KLEP 2012 (Amendment No. 2) to:
  • Amend the wording of Clause 4.4A (Exceptions to floor space ratio for residential accommodation in Zone R2) to correctly refer to the Area on the FSR map that the maximum FSR of 0.6:1 for residential accommodation applies to; and
  • Include “restaurant or cafes” as additional permitted uses for properties identified in Item 16 of Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses). 
Land zoned R2 Low Density Residential and properties in Item 16 of Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses) 2 March 2018
4 Known as the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code Planning Proposal:
  • Deleted Items 17 and 18 of Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses) to prevent manor houses, multi dwelling housing (terraces), villas and townhouses from being built through a development application or through complying development under the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, on properties listed in the Items.
Properties in Items 17 and 18 of Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses)  6 December 2019

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