Request to speak at Council Meetings
Members of the public can apply to speak at the Council or Committee meeting by completing this form and submitting it by midday of the day of the relevant Meeting.

Council and Committee Meetings are recorded and captured on a CCTV system. These recordings include public participation during the meeting.


Prior to submitting your application form to request to speak at a Council or Committee Meeting, you must read and accept Council’s guidelines for speaking at a Council or Committee meeting in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice.

If your application is approved, your name will appear in the minutes as part of the formal process of the meeting. The minutes of Council and Committee Meetings are available on Council's website.

Council and Committee Meeting recordings are retained for 12 months following the Meeting. Information shared by the speaker at the Meeting (including any personal or sensitive information) will form part of the audio recording.

Having read and understood the Code of Meeting Practice and having agreed with the terms as outlined above, please complete the online application form below.

Request to speak will be accepted until 12pm on the day of the meeting. All late requests are to be approved at the discretion of the meeting's Chair or The Mayor.

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In accordance with Section 3 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, speakers will only be permitted to speak on Items listed on the Agenda
(if you are speaking on behalf of an organisation or group)
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Conditions (extract from Code of Meeting Practice)


Privacy Information
Georges River Council is required under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 to collect, maintain and use your personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles. Your personal information is being collected to process your application. Council may use your personal information for the purposes of processing your application. Council is regarded as the agency that holds the information and will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised or required by law. You may apply to access or amend your information by contacting Council on 9330 6400 or at