Venue Hire Grants

COVID-19 – Information about Council’s Grants Programs

Council recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic is having unprecedented effects in our community. In light of the cancellation or postponement of most community events and engagement activities, please be advised of the following regarding Council’s Grants Programs.

  • If you have already received a Georges River Council Venue Hire Grant, the timeframe may be extended if you are unable to carry out your program, or wish to reschedule as a result of COVID-19. Formal notification will be sent to all grant recipients in due course, as we review the implications for each funded program. We are presently identifying options for flexibility for grants recipients, and appreciate your patience in this matter.   
  • If you have recently applied for a Venue Hire Grant, please note that this grant program has been suspended temporarily. As it will not be possible for many groups to carry out their proposed activities, these grant applications will be under review until we are advised that normal activities can resume.


About the Venue Hire Grant Program

Community organisations may be granted full or partial subsidy of Council venues through the Venue Hire Grants program. Council venues that are eligible under this program include all community facilities that are bookable, such as community centres, performance venues,  sporting venues and library rooms.

For further information please refer to the Grants, Donations and Sponsorship Policy. If you wish to discuss your application, please contact Council’s Community Development Officer – Grants on 9330 6400.

Venue Hire Grant Program

Before you start your application:

  1. Read the Venue Hire Grants Program Guidelines, and refer to them while you complete your application. The Guidelines are on pages 16-18 and page 30 of the Georges River Council Grants Donations and Sponsorship Policy.  

  2. You must have a tentative booking for the venue/facility already in place. You will be asked to attach your booking confirmation on page 2 of the application form. 

2019-2020 Venue Hire Grants

Venue Hire Grant applications for bookings of Council facilities held within the 2019-2020 year are currently suspended. 

2020-2021 Venue Hire Grants

Venue Hire Grant applications for bookings of Council facilities held within the 2020-2021 year open are currently suspended. 

Financial Reporting Requirements

Please note there are new financial reporting requirements for recipients of Council funding. Please view the New Financial Reporting page for details.

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