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Unhealthy and Unsafe Land

Land that is in a condition that poses a health, safety, or environmental hazard is considered unhealthy and or unsafe. Unsafe and unhealthy land may affect the occupier, neighbouring properties as well as the environment.  

Some examples of unhealthy and unsafe land may include: 

1 Land that is overgrown with vegetation where it can attract vermin, stray cats, rodents and other unwanted pests. In addition, it is a fire hazard, especially during the summer season.
2 The excessive accumulation of miscellaneous items such as unused household items, tools, boxes, and containers that attract and harbour unwanted pests.  In addition, excessive accumulation of miscellaneous items presents a fire hazard due to a high fuel load and a risk to the occupants of the land as typical escape paths are likely to be blocked.   
3 The unsanitary keeping of animals which attracts unwanted pests.   
4 Dirty or stagnant swimming pools which attract mosquitoes that may carry diseases such as Ross River Virus and Barmah Forest viruses.  
5 The storage of putrescible waste outside of the compost bin or normal household waste bin or using human waste as fertiliser can also attract unwanted pests. Putrescible liquid waste, if not disposed of appropriately, can find its way into the stormwater system that leads to the waterways such as the creeks or river and can affect the natural ecosystem. 

Council encourages neighbours to resolve the problem by talking to each other first. People are often unaware that the state of their land is causing a problem.  

If communication fails, you can lodge a Request with Council’s officers who will investigate the matter and if the land is deemed unsafe or unhealthy, will take the any necessary action as provided for under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993

Land is not considered unsafe or unhealthy if it looks messy or aesthetically unpleasing.     

For further information refer to Council’s “Unhealthy Land” and “Hoarding” factsheets on our Factsheets and Resources page.

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