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Invite your Mayor

The Mayor and Council welcome invitations from the community to participate in important events and functions.


Protocol for invitations

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend community activities and events to celebrate milestones and local achievements. This may include formal event openings and launches, welcoming special guests or presenting awards.
Invitations for the Mayor or a Council representative to attend a function or event must be in writing forwarded to the Mayor’s Office with at least 2 weeks’ notice.  
If the event is ticketed, please advise if the tickets being provided are complimentary for the Mayor or Councillor(s) or if payment is required. Please also advise if the Mayor or Councillor’s partner is invited to the function.
If your event or activity has been funded by a Council grant, please ensure the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement are adhered to and the Mayor's Office is advised.


The Mayor is the principal representative of Council and all Councillors support the Mayor.
The Deputy Mayor will generally substitute for the Mayor at a function or event where the Mayor is unable to attend. Where the Deputy Mayor cannot attend, the Mayor will nominate another Councillor.

When introducing the Mayor or Councillors

1. When the function is attended by a Council representative, please use the following:

“The Mayor /Deputy Mayor of Georges River Council,  Cr Mayor Sam Elmir” or “Councillor Mayor Sam Elmir”.
After the initial introduction, the Mayor may be referred to and directly addressed as Councillor or Mayor Elmir or Mr/Madam Mayor.

2. When attended by more than one Council representative:

Acknowledge the Mayor/Deputy Mayor as above. Councillors can be acknowledged by their surname e.g Councillors Smith, Brown, Jones etc.
3. When introducing a Councillor who is deputising for the Mayor, example:

“I would like to introduce Councillor Jane Smith who is deputising for the Mayor in his/her absence."
4. After formal introductions have taken place, forms of address are at the discretion of the incumbent Mayor or Councillor. The Councillor will confirm with you their current preference.


If you would like the Mayor or Councillor to deliver a speech, please advise

  • length of speech you would like the Mayor or Councillor to make

  • subject of speech

  • where in the proceedings it will be made, and

  • background of organisation or purpose of the function.

This information should be provided at least two weeks prior to the event. An official acknowledgement of our traditional land owners will be included in every speech.

Timing of functions

To help us plan the Mayor and Councillor’s diary, we ask that you give some consideration to the most suitable arrival and departure times. 

It may be important for the Mayor or Councillor to arrive just before a formal opening or for the Mayor or Councillor to arrive at a specific time during a function. Please also advise the estimated duration of the function.

Arriving at a function

The Mayor/Councillor should be met by someone from your organisation and escorted to the event, seat or hall as appropriate. 

We ask that you arrange for the Mayor/Councillor to be introduced to other dignitaries and leaders of your organisation and briefed about the order of the proceedings.

Dress Code

Please advise if a particular dress code is required.

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