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Natural turf sportsfields are currently OPEN

The above status applies to natural turf sportsfields. It is the responsibility of sporting and school officials to undertake a risk assessment before any activity to ensure the safety of players.

We can advise you when natural turf sportsfields have been closed or reopened. 

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How sportsfields are assessed

Following wet weather, we inspect natural turf sportsfields to see if they can be used.

We consider recent rainfall and the weather forecast. We may also discuss the state of the fields with our local sports associations.

Sometimes grounds look dry but are still soggy and unsuitable.

We usually decide on weekend ground closures on Friday afternoons. Closures are more likely if the ground is saturated and more rain is forecast. If grounds are wet but not saturated, we may decide before 7.00am on Saturday. Sometimes individual sporting associations may decide to close a field.

Conditions can vary between suburbs, and the field status may not be the same in neighbouring Councils. We usually don’t close individual fields as competition draws cannot proceed on limited fields.

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